YouTube Sessions: Art Crime

Having kick started his career with a bang releasing ‘Never Look Back’ on WT Records, Moscow-based Art Crime has hit the ground running in 2015. With a number of respected DJs showing support for his debut, Simon Rigg of Phonica Records called upon the young Russian producer to put together the ‘Obsession’ EP for the store’s in-house imprint, which saw release in May. Art Crime kept up the heat, following it up with the brilliant ‘Renessense’ EP earlier this month via Dutch stalwarts Crème Organization.

Mixing the heady nostalgia of 90s House with a darker hue, ‘Renessense’ channels a range of feelings – from giddy euphoria on ‘Anxiety Is Always Here’ to the more claustrophobic tension of ‘The Owner’. Art Crime puts his distinctive blend on the sounds of Chicago, Detroit and Berlin for one of the most vital dance floor offerings of the year.

We’ve got him on the buttons this week for a journey through his favourite online clips. Opening with one of the best video submissions we’ve seen – an awe-inspiring performance from Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger, shot by none other than esteemed director Werner Herzog – Art Crime takes us through classic Chemical Brothers videos and an early Boiler Room set from Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland’s Hype Williams project. Thrasher skate videos, Maison Margiela fashion shows and clips from The Office are all thrown in for good measure. Press play below…

1.Shadow / ernst reijseger / Harmen Fraanje / Werner Herzog 
Possibly the greatest thing you can find on YouTube.

2.John Cage (Time and Space) Interview on Silence and Music.
John Cage sharing his thoughts on sound. I don’t think I have anything to add to this.

3.Star Guitar – The Chemical Brothers
One of the best music videos I’ve seen, it’s just perfect.

4.Nymphomaniac part 1 (2013) CHAPTER THREE: MRS. H
My favorite film director ever. There are so many great scenes to choose from in his movies, this one from Nymphomaniac for example.

5.Gou Miyagi
Watching this guy’s videos makes me want to skate again.

6.Why does your voice sound different on a recording? Greg Foot Answers Your Questions – Head Squeeze
Ridiculous video, but the explanation makes some sense.

7.21 Deadliest Tornadoes EVER
I like these random nature videos and documentaries on YouTube, it’s amazing how pretty much everything can be filmed these days. Rare or dangerous and beautiful things you’ll probably never see in your life. I chose this one instead of other ‘shocking’ mobile videos

8.Hype Williams Boiler Room
One of the first Boiler Room parties, the song called ‘The Throning’ was one of my favourites for years.

9.The Office – That’s What She Said Quotes
Sometimes I watch The Office when I have hangovers…

10.MM6 Fashion Show Spring-Summer 2014
And fashion shows online. To me, it’s kind of a theater with its utopian world.

11.This Is Your Brain On Drugs
‘Any questions?’

‘Renessense’ is out now on Crème Organization. Buy a copy here. Follow Art Crime on Soundcloud

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