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YouTube Sessions: Adrian Sherwood

Next week, dub icon Adrian Sherwood will release the follow-up to last year’s excellent Sherwood At The Controls: Volume 1 1979 – 1984, with Volume 2: 1985 – 1990. Again it collects productions and remixes from Sherwood himself, this time exploring electro, industrial, noise, hip-hop, afrobeat and dub. It’s an impressive batch, featuring cuts from Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Ministry, Tackhead and KMFDM, with five completely unreleased tracks, and four not heard since their original vinyl release.

To celebrate the album, Sherwood will perform tonight at London’s Jazz Cafe alongside prolific bassist Doug Wimbish (Sugar Hill Gang / Tackhead / Fats Comet) and drummer Perry Melius (African Headcharge / Aswad / Jimmy Cliff), with DJ sets coming from Andrew Weatherall and General Echo Soundsystem.

Ahead of tonight’s show, Sherwood mans the buttons for this week’s YouTube Sessions, collecting gold from legendary reggae artist Joe Higgs, a live studio session from Bim Sherman, and a clip from classic ’70s film Rockers, among others.

Pre-order Sherwood At The Controls: Volume 2: 1985 – 1990, complete with rare archive photos and extensive sleevenotes here.

1. Joe Higgs – There is a reward for me

I first heard Joe Higgs when I was 16 and it was he and Bob Andy that really got me to start really listening to lyrics as opposed to the gimmicky records I’d previously enjoyed. Joe is credited with having trained Bob Marley and the Wailers to do harmonies whilst making them sit in a graveyard in the middle of the night to make them fearless. There’s a great compilation of his work on Pressure Sounds label. Always been a hero of mine.

2. The Slits – Kill Them With Love

I really miss Ari and this is a great song from the last incarnation of the band. This, ‘The World Of Grown Ups Is So Corrupt’ and a co-write she did with Viv Albertine many years ago called ‘They Look Like Their Houses’ are all calling out to be re-recorded. I love her songwriting.

3. The Artist Taxi Driver

I love Taxi Driver’s posts. He’s by far the best and most balanced news reporter ever. Top man! We did a track with him, Jennie Bellestar and Dub Syndicate called ‘The Most Dangerous Man In Britain’. A caring soul.

4. Mark Stewart – ON/OFF – Pop Group to Maffia

A film about the big fellow. This is an insight into Marks world and a extract from the film. Always entertains me watching this one, and anything else with him in it. My favourite vocalist (I didn’t say singer).

5. Rockers Takeover

This is great. It’s a clip from the movie “Rockers”, where Leroy “Horse mouth” Wallace and Dirty Harry go into a club and the DJ is playing soul music. They decide enough is enough and want to hear some reggae. They takeover the DJ booth and start playing some ‘Rockers’. Highly amusing as they evict the DJ and block the club owner and police while the crowd go wild.

6. Justin Hinds and the Dominoes Natty take over live

Always loved his songs and voice and this is wonderful footage that also has the great Deadly Headly on Saxophone.

7. Ave María – Pavarotti & Bono

I like this for all the wrong reasons. If I’m feeling miserable and want something guaranteed to make me laugh, this is the one. Absolutely hilarious!

8. Still Cool – “To Be Poor Is A Crime” live

Classic underrated gem from one of the Twelve Tribes favourite bands – Still Cool. A great roots track produced by “Stereo” Fletcher. A slick unit and a kitsch video.

9. Bim Sherman – Just Cant Stand It live studio session

One of ‘ours’, this is rare Bim footage filmed by Pinko (Snub TV) in Southern Studios and features Skip McDonald on guitar and Bonjo from African Head Charge on percussion.

10. Horace Andy –  Money Money mixed by The Scientist

Just saw this recently when my friend Boris showed it to me. It’s interesting as Scientist is using a notch filter that is clearly the sound so familiar on the classic King Tubby/Scientist dub mixes. Interestingly, dating from the late ’50s/early ’60s it transpires this family of filters which were also fitted in the early Motown Consoles (mixing desks) and contributed to the sheen on the Motown Sound, which i find fascinating. Anyway, a good film of Scientist for Dub Heads.

Sherwood at the Controls Volume 2 is out 24th June on On-U Sound. The album launch party takes place tonight at London’s Jazz Cafe – tickets here.

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