In Their Own Words: NTS Talk Propaganda

The independent radio station has published a limited run of zines featuring illustrations and mixes from it’s contributors…

Dalston based independent radio station NTS has just published a limited edition zine which features artwork from a selection of radio hosts including DDF, Gasius, Jiro Bevis, Joan Skyler, Otis Marchbank & The Witching Hour. Each page of the publication features an illustration with an accompanying mixtape which can be downloaded via scanning a QR code on the page.

In order to find out more about the ideas behind the project, we decided to have a quick chat with Shane Connolly, Creative Director of NTS.

Could you tell us a bit about the Propaganda zine NTS have created and what inspired it?

For the last year or so we’d been talking about doing a some sort of fan-zine but wasn’t sure how we wanted to go about doing it. It wasn’t really a priority so kept on being sidelined over our other projects. We all are fans of zines and had referenced things like old publications like the Sniffing Glue from the Punk days… I was recently looking at a zine called Unsound and thought it was amazing. It’s really DIY and came with a comp. A really straight forward concept that made a lot of sense and would work perfectly for an NTS zine. We were also given a zine recently by NTS hosts Latete Atoto that incorporated a QR code which linked back to a web page on their site. We thought this was the perfect way to add a musical element to the zine.

Was there certain historical propaganda that informed the project?

No not really. The word means creating content that primarily influences an audience and furthers an agenda, I guess we want to do that but only with regard to good music!

Was it important to you that this was produced as a physical product rather than digital?

Definitely. We were lucky enough to have Ditto Press offer us their skills in printing so it was the perfect opportunity to create something physical in a way which we wanted. We all collect records and have a strong appreciation for printed publications so this felt like a no-brainer.



The contributors are all NTS hosts, it must be a nice feeling to have that creative community to work on projects with?

We’re very lucky to have such a creative community at NTS, musically and otherwise. In a way it all comes hand in hand. All the hosts we picked are super talented illustrators/designers. They’re all very diverse in their styles which definitely reflects what NTS is all about.

Are their plans for more projects like this?

After the success of this first zine we’re definitely going to continue with these projects – It’s a great platform for our hosts to promote their shows and their visual talents within a single format, and it’s a lot of fun!

Unfortunately the zine is now fully sold out, for more information about the project see here.

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