Win One Of Four Pairs Of Urban Ears Headphones

To celebrate our arrival on to Instagram, we’re giving you the chance to win a pair of Urban Ears headphones.

Our friends over at Urban Ears have been kind enough to supply us with four pairs of their on ear Zinken headphones to give to you, our lovely readers. For those not in the know, Urban Ears are a Scandanavian collective geared towards supplying only the finest in Headphone equipment to their customers. Their Zinken range in particular is an example of their commitment to excellence, with the headphone designed with both comfort and quality in mind. Swivel ear caps and an adjustable headband cater to the former concern, whilst its full size on ear construction ensures that listeners are isolated from outside noise, allowed to full hear deep bass and crisp mids and highs. Available in a wide range of tasteful colours, the Zinken is a headphone which is more than equal to anything else out there on the market.

To enter our competition to stand the chance of owning your very own pair of Zinken Headphones, all you need to is:

-Follow ourselves (@_hyponik) and Urban Ears (@urbanears) on Instagram.

-Re-post the image below (which will also be on our Instagram) and tag us in and attach #hyp to your post

-Then we’ll enter you into our draw to win the headphones, which will be made on Wednesday 14th August at 3pm.


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