We’re taking a breather…

Happy New Year everyone, we hope you’re settling into the uncharted territory that is 2021.

2020 was a massive year for all of us and here at Hyponik, this was especially felt.

When the pandemic hit in March last year, we took this blow pretty hard. Our operations were forced to halt without much warning. The circumstances of the pandemic were too uncertain to continue at that time.

August saw a new dawn. We returned…but to a world that felt very different. Fundamentally changed.

As the world continues to ebb and flow, morphing into new ways of being and existing, this time has naturally made us reflect on how we take up space as a publication. How do we exist? and essentially, how can we do things better?

None of us know how the rest of this pandemic will play out. A positive to all of this is that, for once, we have the chance to slow down, take stock and make changes.

So, in essence… that’s what we’re doing. We’re taking a breather.

We’re not gone forever. We’ll be back in April with lots of exciting new content, but we need to take some time to make these new things happen.

Until then, we’ll be feeding you with some lovely throwbacks via our socials to keep you all ticking over.

Stay Safe!
Your Hyponik Team x

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