Watch the surreal video to GETME! boss Lixo’s new single, ‘Phoxi’

Following up a release with Trim and a collaborative EP with Quays, London producer Lixo continues in fine form with a return to his party-turned-label GETME!

Having been operating since 2006, the imprint has an impressive back catalogue that spans releases from the likes of Lil Jabba, Dan Mantle, Slime and FKL. Whilst also active across the events and radio circuit, it’s only the second time that label boss Lixo has released music via GETME’s label arm, with new five-track EP Cicada said to “tug at the more experimental, exploratory corners of London’s club music landscape.”

Our pick of the bunch is ‘Phoxi’, a rugged garage roller that takes melodic cues from the finer moments of the post-dubstep era. Accompanied with an equally hazy video of Lixo(?) slugging his way round the back streets of a strangely quite town, you can immerse yourself in the surreal settings below.

Lixo’s Cicada EP is out now on GETME!

Buy it here.

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