Watch: Nathan Jonson’s atmospheric gems are given the perfect visuals

Ambient masterworks and urban loneliness.

Nathan Jonson’s upcoming release is one that will be capturing a lot of attention once it’s released December 31. The producer, FKA Hrdvsion and as one half of Midnight Operator, has previously been known for his output of complex dancefloor movers. Yet for his newest work, he’s very clearly stepped out of the club, and into the harsh morning daylight.

On the two-track EP In The End – released via Lo Bit Landscapes – Jonson shows himself to be an incredibly gifted ambient songwriter, and in the pair of music videos released today, finds the perfect visual complement to his soundtrack of a city at dawn. You can watch them in full below.

“There are moments we have when we feel truly separated. Sometimes singularly, or sometimes as a crowd. While the immediate feeling can be that of hopelessness, hidden inside, there are endless new possibilities; A new vibrant inspiration that can flow quickly and take on life in a forgotten way. There is a renewal of energy, a rebirth where we are again wild and carefree…the fog lifts, and the light is a little brighter and colours a little more vivid.” – Nathan Jonson


In The End is due December 31, pre-order it here.

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