Watch an exclusive premiere of new Boiler Room Doc, Keep Bristol Weird

A closer look at the artists, promoters, and collectives keeping Bristol’s scene unique. 

Keep Bristol Weird is the new documentary from Boiler Room and The British Council that offers an intimate look on the artists, promoters, and collectives at the heart of the West Country’s independent creative community.

Undoubtably one of the most historically significant music cities in the UK, the Bristol scene has continued to best demonstrate how to keep DIY culture alive and fight against the algorithms of electronic music by holding a communal spirit that looks to collaborate beyond genre restrictions and ensure the sounds from the city continue to move forward.

Across the 22 minute documentary, local artists and collectives like Batu, Hodge, Danielle, Giant Swan, Young Echo, Bruce and Noods Radio share their stories, detailing why Bristol remains such a creative hub and one of the most exciting places on the map for innovative electronic music right now.

Directed by Hugo Jenkins, the filmmaker states that he wanted to pay homage to the city’s dense culture and that they “went in quite blind in order to try and figure out why the city produces such eclectic sounds, and came out with an eclectic film.”

You can check out an exclusive premiere of Keep Bristol Weird in full ahead of its release below.

Keep Bristol Weird is available to watch across Boiler Room platforms August 14th. 

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