Warsnare: Sounds in a 3D space

Hailing from Deptford, Warsnare is an immersive musician and artist, with a taste ranging from hard-hitting breaks to orchestral timbres. The experimentalist has crafted a sound suited for his depiction of audio visuals.

Even with his track selection, Warsnare has an extensive and varied vision for the styles he plays (check out his ruthless HYP mix) and his time spent studying studio composition at Goldsmiths, has led the producer to compose music much away from the electronic scene.

Having recently finalised the last touches to his forthcoming debut album on Infinite Machine, Warsnare is now previewing his other latest music adventure, a 360 surround sound, audio visual show.

Taking place in south London’s forward-thinking Albany Theatre, the performance will showcase the Deptford producer’s eclectic instrumentation on a expansive 360 soundsystem.

With this entrancing show taking place on Novembe 24, we requested Warsnare hand us a selection of tracks which have inspired the project, including cuts from Radiohead and performances from Nonotak and Shiva Feshereki.

1. Paper Dreams – Animated 360 Music Video

When I first became inspired to create some sort of 360 music experience it was after delving into the VR world for the first time. Here’s a great example of a really cool 360 music video. But what inspired me more than the visual aspect of VR was the opportunities it opens up in terms of sound. I started imagining sounds as objects in a 3D space and wondered how this could be done with my music.


An immersive performance by Maotik and Fraction


Here’s another great example of immersive projection mapped visuals. Nonotak’s work is outstanding. Check out his other work on his website.

4. Box

This for me pushes the boundaries of what can be done creatively and technically with projection mapping. This is an extremely imaginative work and very inspiring.

5. Radiohead – 5mins

I love listening to Bollywood orchestral arrangements and when I heard Radiohead’s latest album where they included a few carefully placed moments of Bollywood style strings, I loved it and you’ll hear something similar on my album and the live show too. For the live show I’ve been lucky to be able to work with Alison D’Souza (viola) and Tristen Horne (cello) and we’ll be spatialising the sound of their instruments live on the 360 sound system. The strings come in just after the 5 minute mark on this Radiohead track.

6. Shiva Feshereki – Gaba-analogue

Shiva Feshereki is friend of mine and her music and her approach to mixing classical orchestral and electronic dance music is fascinating. Check out her performance of Gaba-analogue at the print works.

Warsnare plays at The Albany Theatre on November 24. More info and tickets here.

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