Walton’s ultimate grime instrumentals

Having built up an impressive catalogue of releases on labels like Tectonic, Hyperdub, and Madam X’s Kaizen, Walton’s first release of 2019 marks a return to Pinch’s Bristol imprint with four-track slammer, Inside.

The record sees the Manchester producer continue to flourish on a raw grime template, this time building on source material of pirate radio background talk from MC’s and snippets of bars from OG’s like Wiley. Each episode uses a familiar recipe of square waves, gunshots, and eski bleeps, but Walton’s ability to design the deadliest of riddims from such a basic foundation is what sets him apart from the rest and makes his sound so recognisable.

To honour the EP, we asked Walton to send us 8 of his favourite grime instrumentals. Drawing weapons from heavyweights like Plasticman, DJ Oddz, and Jon E Cash, get ready to pull up every one of his selections below!

1. Plasticman – The Lift

Could have chosen a few Plasticman/Plastician tunes but this one is a stand out to me. Big 8 bar grime tune that works well alongside techno as well. This is the kinda rough, rugged sound I was going for with the new EP. Check out his Plasticman Remastered stuff, it is full of heaters.

2. DJ Mondie – Pull Up Dat

Raw as f**k instrumental from DJ Mondie. The vocal is heavy as well.

3. DJ Oddz – Bump Dis

DJ Oddz was one of the first grime producers I remember from when I first got into it. Tunes like ‘Strung Up’ and ‘Champion’ would always be getting played from the back of the bus. This one is a similar vibe to the Plasticman one. Works just as well in a set along side techno as grime.

4. Youngstar – Bongo

More cowbells please!

5. Jon E Cash – Spanish

Heavy Black Ops material. Can spot this tune coming into the mix from a mile away.

6. Alias – Fight Club

This has got to be one of the heaviest 12”s in grime. Fight Club backed with Gladiator! Both tunes are absolutely killer but this is my favourite of the 2.

7. DJ Mex – Slow Remix

There is so many sick versions of this. The DPM back catalog is big as well. Raw grime…

You might recognise this from my tune ‘Bulldoze’.

8. Waifer – Grime

Fat square waves and gunshot samples. This one is a big inspiration for my EP. Wish I had a good enough version of it to play out. The DJ Sinclair remake will have to do for now!

Walton’s Inside EP is out now on Tectonic Recordings.

Buy it here.

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