First Listen: Voin Oruwu – ‘Manhunt’ (Private Persons)

Having launched around a year and a half ago, Private Persons has gone from strength to strength, releasing artists such as Florian Kupfer, Gazatech and Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code. The label has an extremely strong and consistent aesthetic, offering up the finest in Russian techno talent.

Voin Oruwu, the project masterminded by Koloah AKA Dmitriy Avksentiev, is based on the foundation of the creators’ ‘love for cinematography and the exploration of mystical worlds’. By utilising his imaginative creativity through visual thoughts and music creation, he portrays his post-apocalyptic story via an onslaught of grainy textures and driving percussion.

‘Manhunt’ is the third track in the huge body of work that is Big Space Adventure. The drums make you feel as if you are running away in low gravity, whilst pure devastation follows with the wispy synth stabs attacking from all angles.

Big Space Adventure is out now on Private Persons.

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