Hear Villette’s poignant new house track ‘North and South’

Featured on her new free project, Hiraeth.

Though she’s been quietly making waves as of late, with Hiraeth, Villette is poised to make a big splash in 2017.

The Istanbul-born producer, initially known as one-half of Dancing Birds – who supported the likes of Metronomy and Wild Beasts – has broken away from such associations to become a fiercely creative producer in her own right. Her newest project demonstrates how much she has yet to show, finding the middle point between soaring classical melodies and driving electronic drum lines.

Hiraeth standout ‘North and South’ finds Villette sampling the soundtrack of the BBC hit drama North and South, and all the emotion of that piece is honed into a poignant club track that’d fit as well on the score of a high-budget thriller as it would in a rave.

“North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell is one of my favourite novels and BBC’s screen adaptation of it is very affecting as well. I was watching it again a while back and realised that the main reason for it is the powerful soundtrack by Martin Phipps. I just wanted to do something with the music, sample the strings in the main theme to create a new track which retained that tension and sense of urgency and came up with North and South. I’m afraid I may have ruined it but it was fun!” – Villette

Hiraeth is due February 24, follow Villette on Soundcloud.

Featured image: Özge Cöne 

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