First Watch: Mera Bhai – Mañana Groove (Moshi Moshi Records)

Step into the VHS world of Mera Bhai’s ‘Manana Groove’

Born and based in London with Indian roots, Mera Bhai is the solo-project of Karthik Poduval; the alias meaning ‘My Brother’ in Hindi. Widely known as one of the founders of tropical-psych band, Flamingods, Mera debuted on Moshi Moshi Records’ singles club last month with his pacey bootleg of Ahmed Fakroun ‘Jama El F’na’. He has his first full EP ‘Futureproofing’ coming on Moshi Moshi’s main label on 9th October. Taken from the EP, single ‘Mañana Groove’ drops tomorrow with a snazzy VHS-style music video; today we have the first watch.

With quite a multi-cultural upbringing, living in Italy, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Nigeria before returning to live in the UK, Mera Bhai’s experiences have naturally permeated his take on dance music. Distinct for its infectious way with grooves, Mera seeks to marry the traditions of east and west in his output, pairing Indian and Arabic sounds with sentiments of 70’s disco and acid-house.

This is certainly true with new heater ‘Mañana Groove’. Sampling Cissé Abdoulaye’s ‘A Son Magni’, re-released by good friend Mr Bongo in 2017, Mera makes pace from the off with classic 4×4 kicks and claps, synonymous with everyone’s favourite house and disco dancefloor tunes. A low-sitting synth line opens the door to an almighty, mind-tingling acid line before the introduction of a blissful chirping melody.

Altogether, the track is clearly designed to make bodies fully jack, in clubs, warehouses or fields, on beaches or under tress in far away woods; the world over. Wherever the dance finds you, ‘Mañana Groove’ is destined to soundtrack those moments. Having recently began a journey of total sobriety, Mera sought to channel the carefree energy of clubs and festivals into ‘Mañana Groove’. He tells:

“I really needed to feel the carefreeness that comes with being in a club/festival environment and wanted to know that I wouldn’t be excluded from feeling that by being sober. I also felt the need to free myself from what I was going through and transmute my challenging experiences into something positive and happy, and that I could share.”

In the accompanying video, directed by Niall Trask, Mera’s aim to blend parts of eastern and western culture is carried forward. We see imagery of Indian railways, vintage Mario Kart, hardware synths and turntables, all with a psychedelic VHS styling. Check out the full thing below.

Mera Bhai’s ‘Mañana Groove’ is out tomorrow. 

His forthcoming ‘Futureproofing’ EP is coming 9th October via Moshi Moshi Records. 

Photo Credit: Kamal Rasool & Jo Wells

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