Video Premiere: Gyu ‘Supreme Being’ (Drawn Recordings)

Bristolian-turned-Muscovite producer Gyu is second up for Bristol-based Drawn Recordings.

‘Supreme Being’ sees the veteran producer exercising the proven recipe of stepping percussion, cavernous low-end bass-weight and Middle Eastern references, that hark back to the earlier works of fellow Bristolians, Pinch and Appleblim. Gyu has previoulsy released on Phaeleh‘s Urban Scrumping imprint and the Digital Distortions label.

Keeping inline with Drawn Recordings commitment to pushing music, art, writing and video; we can give the first viewing of the video to accompany ‘Supreme Being’ directed by James Nathan and Kayla Painter.

The duo’s idea for the video was “to create a sparse moody monochrome video that twists and warps subtly, a direction that the track seemed to call for.” All the footage used throughout is completely their own material and “even the weird looking effect parts are real footage; the glowing orb-like things are us shining torches into a metal bowl full of water with an out of focus lens.” The mountain footage was captured on a trip to Scotland and the glooming nature of the landscape fits the aesthetic of the music perfectly.

Gyu ‘Supreme Being’ is out now via Drawn Recordings

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