Video Premiere: Creep Woland – ‘Imposter Syndrome’ (Astral Black)

Scottish hit-man Creep Woland returned to UK club night turned record label incubator, Astral Black, last month with his poised and powerful Chamberlain EP. Four dance-floor ready jungle tracks which see the producer pairing anthemic top lines cascading throughout blistering, jungle breaks. In the few weeks since it’s release, the artists sophomore release has already garnered praise from scene pioneers such as DJ Storm & Om-Unit as well as the new school of 160bpm & left-field IDM tastemakers such as Sherelle & Lanark Artefax.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Hyponik are proud to host the premiere of the video for ‘Imposter Syndrome‘ – a visual collage of the environment that has informed the release, put together by J. Weed & Creep Woland himself. We caught up with the producer for a quick word on Imposter Syndrome – this is what he had to say:

“When out walking I used to encounter a red-tape of the mind. Quick and insipid patterns of thought; something a white-haired orator sourced back to an ancient reptilian part of the three-brain mind. A thick fog envelopes the light ahead, and the path is once again obscured. Movement Slows down to a crawl. Strange and unseen interlopers nudge and disrupt the vessel’s course from its destination. Simulated visions of citizens emerging from their homes to trace the Imposter with their eyes and point at it shouting “ He’s not supposed to be here!”


With preparations made and an armour constructed, we powered up the land-cruiser and broke North with great haste. Hurtling through the hills at high-speed, we travelled along the power lines and conducted the experiments. With every instance, the dense fog would thin and the light would brighten; only this time from inside. The path unfolded from its serpentine labyrinth and re-appeared as a straight incline. We gathered the documentation material and returned to the base of operations somewhere in the City of Glasgow…”

Creep Woland – ‘Chamberlain’ EP is out now via Astral Black on 12″ vinyl & digi DL. Buy it here.

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