Tri Angle’s Hanz talks the film and music inspirations of ‘Plasty’

Brandon Juhans, better known as North Carolina producer Hanz, originally wanted to be an illustrator but fell upon music. Wanting to make music that matched his illustration style, Hanz’ sound comes inspired by famous cut-up practitioners like William Burroughs & Brion Gysin, bringing together hip-hop, punk and experimental music to form one picture.

His latest two-part project Plasty, out on Tri-Angle, was built using this formula. The narrative of both EPs work like a puzzle, placing pieces of songs inside the other, and ultimately forming a complete sketch able to be played back in any order.

Speaking with Hanz, he breaks down some of his favourite techniques used in film and music that inspired his approach to making records.

1. Satoshi Kon – Paprika

This film was a personal reference point for me in terms of the pacing of “plasty I”. The main title sequence has this character “Paprika” jumping from place to place within the blink of an eye. Most of the work on this list has the common thread of a seamless transition between scenes and sounds

2. Public Enemy – Fear of a black planet

In relation to Paprika, the pacing of this record is similar. The songs are constantly moving and appearing with no pauses. Early HipHop has always been in the DNA of what i’ve been making, despite my work not sounding like hip-hop most of the time. Fear of a black planet sounds like an audio newspaper, with this overload of information and samples. golden age hip-hop just has a much more loose structure with less rules.

3. Tetsuo – The Iron Man

As far as running time, I took note of how this film was able to be an hour long and get its point across. There aren’t any dull moments in there, just energy all throughout.

4. De la Soul – 3 feet high and rising

This record is one of the most murky & colourful albums I’ve heard. It sounds like a dusty VHS cartoon ! Prince Paul’s production is key here, once again to bring it back to old hiphop, they were able to mash tons of samples together with a lack of rules. The transitions on this record are completely clean.

5. William S. Burroughs – Towers Open Fire

Burroughs’ cut up technique is something that I’ve lightly played around with for a few years. with the “Plasty” sessions, I started to really apply it in a way that kept the abrupt and awkward feeling of this short.

6. Sally Cruikshank – Make me psychic

This film had a small influence on the more colourful feel of “Plasty II”.

Plasty I & II are out now on Tri-Angle Records. 

Order it here.

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