Track by Track: IVVVO – ‘Prince of Grunge’

Portuguese-born producer and experimentalist Ivo Pacheco, also known as IVVVO, is not one for half measures; his output so far is a succession of bold artistic statements that utilise the sonic lexicon of ’90s rave and hardcore to create music that is both conceptual and deeply personal. Good, Bad, Baby, Horny, released earlier this year through Rabit’s Halcyon Veil imprint, saw Pacheco contrast disfigured samples against radioactive synths to chilling effect.

Released today through newly-minted imprint NYX Unchained, the mini-LP Prince of Grunge sees his gaze turn away from the dance-floor and look even further inward, as he explores “millennial anxiety, depression and fear” through haunted samples and stark, fractured noise. Despite the lack of beats or percussion, there’s still a palpable echo of the rave in the glowing, distorted synths – but these are juxtaposed against ghostly vocals and abrasive textures to form an expressive collage that gives us a glimpse into Pacheco’s deepest anxieties.

To mark the record’s release, IVVVO has given us a track-by-track rundown that sheds some light on the thoughts and ideas behind each individual cut.

1. Born

The album opens with ‘Born’, a short gripping introduction needing little explanation with the shrill cry of a newborn marking the birth and re-birth of the artist and his latest work.

2. Until I Die

‘Until I Die’’s ascending vocals commence the voyage of trepidation inquisitively. Stepping shyly away from and over the hope shimmering through the cracks on his trail, ultimately avoiding acceptance.

3. Prince of Grunge

Lead single ‘Prince of Grunge’ reflects on the chaos of a missed youth and it’s trials and tribulations. As it builds ominously the track breaks sporadically, again, with moments of hope, which are quickly expelled by an overwhelming sense of doom.

4. V

‘V’ ruptures with anger and self-mutilates, repeating the pandemonium.

5. I Don’t Know

‘I Don’t Know’ is the suffocating numbness of heartache in the club, desperate to be set free from emotion. A concoction of sexual desire, loneliness and anger we are asked “What is your ultimate fantasy?” only to be told “I am Lost”.

6. Fantasy

Closing the mini-album, ‘Fantasy’ is filled with hope and determination to find peace of mind.

Prince of Grunge is out now via NYX Unchained. Buy it here.

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