Track by Track: Super Kitchen – ‘Rhythm Foundation Vol. 1’

Up and coming Bristol-via-London collective & record label Super Kitchen have graced us with a track-by-track overview of their recently released compilation Rhythm Foundation Vol. 1.

Following up their debut release last year (Mistareez’s Stutterwerx) and a limited 12″ from Maribor, the compilation sets out a template for the crew’s unique and exploratory take on club music and features tracks from label regulars like Lima, Mistareez, and Juice (a new collaborative moniker for Ctrl Traxx and Macchina) alongside guest spots from RKS’s DJ Polo and NAAFI’s OMAAR.

Ranging from militant drum-workouts (Mistareez’s ‘Ups & Downs’) to straight-up dancefloor weirdness (£££UP’s ‘Syde Rd Rdm’) Rhythm Foundation does what it says on the tin, putting rhythm front and centre. Twisted samples, chopped-up sirens and blistering snares form an high-energy assault on the ears that doesn’t let up from start to finish.

Take a listen below, and check out the track-by-track rundown from Super Kitchen crew members Macchina and DJ Stolen.

1. Juice – Love Island

Myself and Ctrl Traxx are constantly bouncing tracks and ideas off one another, being house mates definitely accelerates the creative process so it was only natural we started a project together, Juice is the result from our collaboration. Although, sometimes being such close friends can lead to tension them creative tensions gel together and it’s all love though. We’re working on this project further over the coming year so expect to hear more from us in 2018.– Macchina

2. Mistareez – Ups and Downs

Long-time part of the Super Kitchen family, Mistareez came to our first ever party and sent us music soon after. That’s the release that birthed the label side to Super Kitchen. Since then Mistareez has been rattling off the bangers left right and centre. He’s a wicked producer and there is way more to him than just dance music too, keep an ear out for some of his more leftfield stuff coming out in 2018. For this release, it made sense that the gang was represented and Mistareez’s track does exactly that, Ups and Downs does not disappoint, it’s a no frills percussive workout which has been featuring in a lot of my sets recently. –Macchina

3. OMAAR – Strong

OMAAR is part of the South American label NAAFI who are making huge movements atm. I first heard him through his 140bpm stuff, his productions were so smooth and it really showed through the people who were playing his tunes out and on radio. Then I heard his slower, more percussive stuff and it’s just as good if not better imo. His track “Strong” is so simple yet effective, just what you want from a percussive anthem. – DJ Stolen

4. Lima – E Number

First came across Lima on Soundcloud, heard a radio rip of E Number and it blew me away. His productions have really progressed over the past year or so, some of the new stuff he’s sending us is amazing. Definitely one to watch out for in 2018. He’s also the newest member of the gang and has two releases with us in the works, the first of which to drop very soon. – DJ Stolen

5. DJ POLO & Lobby – Chicken in a Bag

DJ POLO and Lobby I know through being based in Bristol, both of them churning out tracks like there’s no tomorrow but all of it is quality. They’ve got a really distinct sound individually and when they come together for collabs it’s always sick. – DJ Stolen

6. Macchina – Canal Woe

This is one of my solo productions, I’ve been quiet on the production front for a few years now however behind the scenes I’ve been making tracks and getting my music up to a standard I’m happy with. This release kind of marks the beginning for me to start putting stuff out. My time is limited now being in my third year of university and running the label too, both demanding more time than I have, however there’s more music in the works and I’m piecing together concepts for a full release. This track was built over summer with this release in mind, at the same time I spent quite a lot of Boris biking along the canal in Mile End so hence the title ‘Canal Woe’. – Macchina

7. £££UP – Syde Rd Rdm

I remember sitting in The Alibi in Dalston just over a year ago now chatting to Zini, I think Syymstress was DJing and this track came on and Zini shot out of his seat to see how the crowd reacted. I remember sitting there like “Jheez WTF is this!”, Ed came back and told me that him and Syyms had made it earlier that day so I asked if he could send it to me it and after he ok’d it with Syyms it was in my inbox. I always knew I wanted to release this track and I’m keen to hear what else Zini and Syyms conjure up under the £££UP (pronounced “funds up”) alias. Syde Rd Rdm is one of those tracks that splits opinion, some people love it, some people hate it, personally, I love it and I think it fits what Rhythm Foundation is about. – Macchina

8. Scimii – Yeahyeah

I don’t remember the first time I met Scimii, as is often the case when you meet people on nights out. However, since then he’s become good friends in my circle. He sent me Yeahyeah when he heard about the concept behind the release and I highly rated it so it made the cut. We’re working with Scimii on a super exciting project in 2018 so stay locked. – Macchina

9. Track & Field – Dyyson (Dean Lyon Remix)

Dean Lyon has been on our radar since I can remember, he’s a staple of the dance music scene in London. We booked him for a party at The Alibi last year and when we were working on Rhythm Foundation we asked him if he would be keen to contribute a track. He sent this through and it was a no brainer it needed inclusion. Dean is such a genuine guy and his remix of Dyyson is a sick track and the perfect way to complete the 9 track release. – Macchina

Rhythm Foundation Vol. 1 is out now on Super Kitchen. Order it here.

Super Kitchen will be showcasing an immersive live experience at a secret location in Shoreditch on Dec 3. More info here.

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