Track by Track : Lorenzo BITW – ‘Love Junction’

After a string of EP releases and singles including a contribution to the FoF series, Lorenzo BITW returns to Friends of Friends with his debut album.

With ties to imprints like Nervous Horizon and Enchufada, Lorenzo’s productions have become a common fixture in clubs around Europe. His versatility with tempo and mood shines on this album, blending his deft handling of percussive elements with catchy hooks from vocalists such as Chikaya, Magugu and Lamisi.

The album showcases Lorenzo’s attuned mix of funky influences with pinches of UK garage and dancehall, building upon his previous releases with a new-found confidence. Whether in the club or comfort of your own home, this LP should be the soundtrack this summer.

Keep reading for a closer look at Lorenzo’s inspirations and thoughts on each track.

1. Kanaan feat rAHHH

My album should have started with a rAHHH collab, the guy is such an inspiration for me. We went in the studio together and he played the guitars and he comes out with some really cool chords, so the track started from there. I wanted this to be a meeting point of various things and sounds. The title Canaan (turned into Kanaan to make it cooler) was an region of the Middle East that used to be the crossroads of several cultures and the song itself contains many and various elements that I wanted to bring together in one place.

2. Hello feat Nawtyboi Tattoo

Nawtyboi Tattoo, also known as Kesta, is an mc/singer from Accra, we connected a while ago and Hello was the first tune we did together. This track was central in the creative process of the album. It was a lot brighter than other tunes I was making at that time, so I thought it will be cool to try and have a much brighter and melodic approach on the rest of the album. The hook he did is everything, simple but it’s a killer.

3. Calliope

I was playing around with a baile funk samples and then I pitched it up and down, added some percussions and other elements around that and then I chopped up a vocal sample. Inspired from Portuguese sounds typical of the Principe Disco records and Enchufada, I wanted to give a Mediterranean feeling to the track, keep it summery and balmy.

4. Chasing feat Chikaya

I met Chikaya in Bristol a while ago and I have been absolutely diggin what she was doing, we decided to try and do a track together and Chasing was the result of us sending back and forth ideas. I wanted this track to have the tenderness of a r’n’b track but at the same time I wanted it to have a deep low end bass
and a solid base. I love when she said in the lyrics “ she got that love to die for yet things change but its your life girl” and she told me the lyrics were inspired completely by the power of females

5. Rio Grande

I made this track when I was trying to do loads of uk funky/percussive material and wanted to put the energy of the floating of a big river (Rio Grande) into it. It’s a track that was made for my sets and I wanted to experiment with percussions and drums, and it’s mainly made of out samples and different swings and experimenting various patterns. The tension and the energy of the build up is central for me in the track and I love how it switch to something different on the drop.

6. Clearing My Mind feat 45diboss

45diboss is a Jamaican mc and singer who has been absolutely smashng it recently. I wanted to have a dancehall track into the album, and 45diboss was absolutely perfect for it. The tune started as a riddim then I got the vocal from DiBoss and I turned the track a bit upside down, changing a few elements. I wanted the track to be melodic but at the same time keep the vibe for the club. and keep the drum section strong.

7. Love Junction

I think this track was the turning point of the album, it’s when I understand the album was taking shapes.
It just started as a loop the ( the bells you hear at the beginning) and then it evolves from there. An old friend of mine played the saxophone on top of it and it was straight magic, he absolutely got it right. I love the fact that this track is without a kickdrum and I could have easily just added one and make a club friendly version but I decided to keep it like this.

8. Come Over feat Nawtyboi Tattoo & Lamisi

I wanted to give a different twist to a dancehall instrumental and I got Nawtyboy to sing on it. After making Hello I thought to try and do something different with him and he suggested to bring Lamisi on board. I really like the contraposition of the part where Nawtyboi raps on it and then she sings on the hook, she absolutely nailed that part.

9. Goo feat Kwam

Goo started as an instrumental only and it was a track that was trying to mix elements of uk garage and uk funky, it turns out Kwam really liked it and decided to jump on the instrumental. Me and Kwam linked up in the studio and we had a lot of fun during the session, the track generally tried to recall to mcs over funky that was typical of when I was listening to Rinse fm back in 2012 and I love that the track got the vibe.

10. Lips and Bones

I used to play this track out quiet a lot in sets and the version in here is slightly different from its original form. I wanted this to be a stripped out club tool and a fun track to play it out. Still a favourite of mine and a track that always got a great reaction. I just started playing around with a taiko drum loop and I built the track from there. The ending is kind of unexpected and i added some other elements in there, that weren’t there originally, giving it a sort of jazz swing to the final part and make a sort of different outro.

11. Komole feat Magugu

Komole is a collab with the amazing vocalist Magugu. Known for his unique style of pidgin rap, I worked on some other tracks with him before and I released this track from Boa Kusasa and Magugu on my own label a while ago and I really wanted him to be part of the album project. Komole, in Yuruba language means Boogie Down and I love that the track really does that, Magugu was perfect for this sort of beat. The track is part of the album as a digital bonus track only, but it really sums up what I do in my sets in a club environment.

Love Junction is out now on Friends of Friends

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