Track by Track: Club Djembe Vol. 1

Bristol collective Club Djembe have embarked on a new adventure. Already renowned for their party starting abilities, CD released their first V/A earlier this month, a way of immortalising and encapsulating the raucous atmospheres they so often conjure up with their nights.

Sister label to Super Kitchen, Club Djembe pursues a similar sound; earthy percussion with a UK flavour that does serious damage on the dancefloor. Club Djembe Vol. 1 is made up entirely of artists they’ve booked for their club nights, with 5 cuts primed for murky basements, and exotic beaches alike, a contradiction of sorts, but these foreign grooves are both punchy and lush at the same time.

With contributions coming from DJ Polo, Bamz and more with some vivid inspirations, we look to the Club Djembe head honchos for some insight into each entry and its creator.

DJ Polo & Lobby – Cava By The Harbour

It’s late afternoon, or possibly early evening.. either way, it doesn’t matter because these drinks are going down a treat and we’re living the dream lads – a beautiful sunset of deep purples and vibrant reds, our toes dipped into the waters and the gentle wind blowing over our sun-kissed faces. Who’s up for another bottle of Tesco Finest Spanish Cava? Don’t worry lads, this one is on me.

DJ Polo and Lobby have been Club Djembe residents since we started in 2017 and they really hit the nail on the head with this track and a beach bar friendly roller, it’s literally the perfect opener to the EP; a shimmering summer house number with a distinctly “Bristol Funky” sound that they have both been instrumental in building over the last couple of years. – Jake

KG – Obsession

We wanted to have KG play at one of our parties since we started Club Djembe, so when Motion Bristol invited us to host a room for their 24 Hours of Dance weekend, we knew that we had to have KG headlining the room. Not only is she a phenomenal DJ and producer but she has a great energy and we share a similar vision which is always a great vibe when working with somebody on an EP.

Obsession captures elements of Afrobeat, Tribal House and UK Funky and the result is a hypnotic and constantly evolving track which showcases KG’s attention to detail and musical talent. I actually had this track on repeat by accident and thought this was a mix for about half an hour until I realised that it was the same track just on loop. That’s how good Obsession is. – Jake

Say3 – Get Up And Move

If you are unfamiliar with Say3, then get yourself over to his Bandcamp or Soundcloud right now because this guy is too sick. Say3 joined us all the way from Atlanta to an industrial estate in Bristol and just set the place on fire, he is definitely a producer worth keeping a close eye on. From dark and moody Gqom-laced dance music, to afro-flips of Young Thug and even seductive vocal-led Afrobeat. After that set, we knew we had to get him on the EP.
Get Up and Move has that anthem-like quality about it and is definitely a prime time party track, with an infectious melody, mental percussion and earth-shattering sub kicks, this is one for the dancers. – DJ Stolen

Dean Lyon – Space

Dean Lyon is just pure quality ain’t he. From East London Club Trax to Love Krush, Dean Lyon has been a staple of London’s club scene.
Dean brings forth a stomping throwback to the heydays of UK Funky, which isn’t surprising as he actually made this track in university ages ago. This one sits effortlessly in the mix with DJ Naughty, Geeneus and Crazy Cousinz, and is definitely one of those tracks you have heard sitting in some random geezas flat for an after-party at 5am. – DJ Stolen

Bamz – Holding On

Holding On is personally one of my favourite tracks of 2019, it gives me those old school Channel U/Princess Nyah funky vibes. It took me alllllll the way back there, when I first started listening to UK Funky. She’s such a sick producer and when I found out that it’s her vocals too? WOW. Bamz is more than just a producer, she’s an artist who can sing, rap, DJ and I am 10000% behind that. – Josie

Holding On is a perfect example of Soulful Funky House, this is definitely one for when the sun comes up and it gets all emotional at the end of a rave. – Jake

Club Djembe Vol. 1 is out now via Club Djembe.

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