Samo DJ pulls 5 funk oddities from his record bag

One artist flying the flag for Sweden’s off-kilter and somewhat cheeky export dance music is Samo DJ. Obscure electronics crossing the boundary between house and techno are standard procedure for an artist always looking to conjure originality. Previous releases have seen him collaborate with Malaysian artist Tzusing, as well as fellow Swedes DJ Sling, and Baba Stiltz for New York label L.I.E.S, disco institution GAMM and Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes  amongst others.

Samo DJ’s latest release, To Aperion came on Melbourne imprint Bizarro at the end of September. Already entrenched in Austrailian club culture, Bizarro have turned their trusted party starting practices to label life. Their first release came earlier this year from the ever reliable Roza Terenzi, with Samo DJ’s contribution providing a quirky contrast to the peak time tendencies of Terenzi and her efforts.

It’s off the back of this EP that we lock in Samo DJ to talk us through his top 5 ‘hiding in plain sight funkers’ – “five generic at first listen but GREAT funk tracks that grow on you”. Uncover their guises below.

1. LTG Exchange – ‘I Like What I Like’

People tell me I must have a reason for doing the things I do, I don’t think its true. I believe some things are just factual, you don’t even stop and think. You do it like an animal from instinct.

Yes I like what I like because I like it.

2. Sir Stan – ‘Soulin’

Giving me visions of a convertible car cruising down an empty highway. Or perhaps thru a sleepy town in the mid-west.

Tumbleweed music, that sort of vibe.

3. Phil Flowers and The Flower Shop – ‘Keep on Sockin’ it Children’

The main track on this single is the worst cover of Rolling Stones ”satisfaction” ever. Possibly the b side was just something they put together to have something there.

But its the best! nothing happens. Just cool guitars and a nice feeling to it.

4. American Gypsy – ‘Inside Out’

Another nice groove from the heyday of American music.

Have heard this one being cut up and b-boy jams, but pitched up.

5. The Layfayette Afro Rock Band – ‘Scorpion Flower (Alternate Version)’

And last but not least something in the same vein as previous ones, but a bit sweeter.

Has that continental early disco music feel to it.

To Aperion is out now via Bizarro.

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