Tim Parker’s Inspirational Debuts Playlist

As a monthly host on NTS Radio, Tim Parker‘s show is concerned with laying down a fine array of classic and contemporary beats, hip-hop rhythms and downright funky jams. Since the station’s inception seven years ago, Parker has made this slot his own, sharing the airwaves with guests such as MNDSGN, Ta-Ku and Joe Kay. Though originally from Cambridge, the man behind the You’ll Soon Know show has contributed masses to the scene in his adopted home, London. Over the years, he has helped shape the city’s soundscape, helping to bring acts such as Lapalux and KNXWLEDGE to the capital for the first time. Additionally, Parker has been a resident at the 20/20 club night hosted by IVY LAB, a platform showcasing the best in hip-hop, footwork and alt-electronica.

With his reputation as a selector clear for all to see, it comes as no surprise that Parker has now taken a step into the world of production having released his first solo EP Slanted on 20/20 LDN. Having collaborated with label bosses IVY LAB on the track ‘U Smart’ in 2016, Parker’s latest project sees the revered DJ forge a unique aesthetic with four tracks laden with fleshy kick drums, soulful vocals and nonchalant, jazzy keys. The release sounds just as good through a club system as it does on yours speakers at home, as Parker displays another string to his skilled musical bow. Given that Slanted is Tim’s inaugural project, he’s put together his 10 favourite debuts from a troop of beatsmiths, artists and musicians, all of which served as inspiration for his selection and production. Check ’em out in the interview below.

I’ve spent many years enjoying, buying and listening to music, and even before the start of my show on NTS I enjoyed hunting down tracks from new artists, as well as old favourites. Here are some debut releases which have inspired me over the years and eventually fed into my own debut EP, Slanted, which is out now on 20/20 LDN.

Om Unit – Lightgrids / Lavender

To be honest, I think I may have purchased Om Unit’s Digidesign remix before this, but only by a few days. Anyway, this was his debut single release on All City which at the time was just blasting out heaters left and right. This still gets rotation from me today, Om Unit is a G and personally I think helped to bridge boundaries between many genres and scenes.

Shlohmo ‎– Shlo-Fi EP

The day this dropped my brain melted, there’s insane remixes on here as well. Back when he had one less h in his name, on one of my all time favourite labels.

Rustie ‎– Jagz The Smack

I was following Rustie on Myspace and got hooked after hearing his mix for BTS radio, this dropped, I copped and to this day every track still slams on a dancefloor.

Commix – Call To Mind

Far from their debut release, but as a debut album I’m letting it slide. One of the few uptempo ‘dance’ albums, which to me works as an long player and still stands up to this day.

S.Maharba – S.Maharba

Another debut album, by one of the nicest dudes to do it. I think I own everything he’s made all the way back to the first CDR he gave me. Megafan status and fully warranted, I hope there’s new material to come in future.

Samiyam ‎– Rap Beats Vol. 1

There were definitely tracks out there on compilations like beat dimensions before this, but still, debut album, Samiyam. COLD.

Budgie – The Budgie EP

The Good Book 1 came first, but this was the debut EP – not many words for this, just stunning stuff.

Kuedo ‎– Dream Sequence E.P.

A prolific artist with previous aliases before Kuedo as I’m sure you’re all familiar with, but this one started a new chapter. His music is potentially the thing I’ve listened to most in the past few years.

(Lapti – V Tiraj) Лапти* – В Тираж

Lapti made a boat load of music before this came out, but as a debut album this captures some of the old unreleased beats that I was jamming to many moons ago. (This one was a freebie on Leaving Records back in 2010 originally) Cover art doesn’t get much better either in my opinion.

Jaisu ‎– A Short Album

Is Jaisu underrated? I feel like maybe he is, this album is amazing and Suite In D Minor League is a masterpiece.

Having been released at the end of last month, you can grab a copy of Slanted here.

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