Magnet For Your Mind

Tehbis & Touchy Subject land on Astrophonica with Magnet For Your Mind EP

The duo strike gold with opening track ‘1988’.

Having bubbled under surface with a string of releases on Brownswood, Numbers and Wot Not, this month longtime collaborators Tehbis and Touchy Subject bring their leftfield production to Fracture’s Astrophonica imprint, who’ve previously dropped records by Om Unit, Rider Shafique, Machinedrum and Logos.

Everything about the upcoming Magnet For Your Mind EP has been meticulously planned – from the production, which incorporates instrumentation, intricate sampling and live vocals, to the artwork – which was conceived around the idea of the positive and negative ends of a magnet, and produced utilising the fully automated Risograph printing process.

The EP shows off the duo’s nuanced appreciation for hip hop, dubstep and jungle, exemplified by opener ‘1988’€™. The first finished track for the release ‘1998’ is a mellow slice of ragga jungle, flavoured by a wall of arpeggiated melodies that float perfectly above the jungle template’s cavernous wall of sound. Listen below.

The Magnet For Your Mind EP will be out on the 23rd of September, pre-order it here.

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