College Hill Artwork

College Hill lands on Slit Jockey Records with Murder Suicide EP

Grimey sound design fused with sharply melodic sensibilities from Maryland up and comer.  

Operated by Starkey, Dev79 and El Carnicero, and set up in 2005 with a view to bringing grime stateside, Slit Jockey Records return to their foundations with this month’s Murder Suicide EP  from Maryland producer College Hill.

College Hill is also the man behind the The Grime Archive – an extensive collection of live radio sets – and has a string of releases on Classical Trax, Car Crash Set, and UK Trends under his belt. Murder Suicide is a uniquely American take on grime, an atypical collection of instrumental beats, meditating on darkness and channelled through an almost rock-infused strain of melody.

‘Codependency Melody’ is a perfect example of College Hill’s unique take on the genre, synthesising thickly layered walls of dub lasers and intertwining melodies rooted in old-school grime sensibilities. Listen below.

The Murder Suicide EP will be out this September 23rd.

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