Super Kitchen’s Mistareez details their new sister label, Angels Never Expire

Since emerging in 2015, Bristol via London record label and club collective Super Kitchen have consistently offered a daring approach to rave formulas through the forward-thinking club music of artists like Mistareez, Drum Thing and Maribor.

With a healthy number of releases under their belt, their new project seems them launch a sister label, Angels Never Expire, led by the long time Super Kitchen soldier Mistareez.

Speaking on the platform, Mistareez says “I’m starting the label as I want to create a platform for freedom and expression, that does not have to rely on the functionality of club based music. I want to push experimental and avant-garde work by artists from all over the world.”

Their launch compilation, Angels Never Expire 001, certainly achieves that goal, presenting a collection of avant-garde club music that sits on the fringes of the underground via experimental producers like Object Blue, True North, De Grandi and Nicky Soft Touch.

Out today via their bandcamp, we catch up with Mistareez to take a further look at the record, asking him to break down each track and detail how each contribution came to be.

1. True North – REZ

Kicking off the compilation we have this stunning track from London based up-and-comer True North (FKA Scimii). A haunting piece that stirs and builds gradually, it’s the ideal accompaniment for those bleak “in your feelings” late night journeys. A bittersweet trance build up that’s equal parts euphoria and sorrow, it’s the perfect introduction to the release. Keep your ears open for True North’s ascent to a higher place in 2019.

2. Superfície – Enxame

The bleakness continues with this cut from Ireland-via-Brazil percussion don Superfície. Cold, mechanic sound design that keeps you guessing. An AI in a K-hole. Superfície is one of my favourite producers out right now, a statement I imagine many people in the club music microcosm can attest to. I was super excited to get him on board for the launch and this track is a great nonfunctional nod to his previous stellar releases

3. Object Blue – Forgiveness (Is A Pearl In Hand)

One of the few moments of calm on the compilation, presented here by one of 2018s most talked about artists. It’s an honour to have object blue on the release and it’s been so great watching her rise over the last few months. This track is a rework of a piano improvisation recorded years ago that has been resurrected for ANE. Its mesmerising string melody gradually gives way to crackling white noise, maintaining the uneasy atmospheres present throughout the compilation. Eternal love for object blue.

4. De Grandi – Vacuum

Berité club extraordinaire comes flying in with this synth workout. It’s the cast of Stranger Things linking up with Tiesto in a parisian club. The initial concept for this release was based around pushing producers normally affiliated with hard, percussion-led club tracks out into the melodic ethers. De Grandi has hit the nail on the head with this one! I definitely wasn’t expecting such a savvy synthesizer demonstration so this one is a real percy.

5. Mistareez – SMPHTHT

I got real moody on this one as I spent several hours initially mixing it on a 5.1 surround rig in a nearly pitch black room. I feel that vibe carries through to the final outcome. It’s a droning ambient track that’s about as far removed from furniture music as you can get. As I’ve grown as a producer I’ve got more and more into making uneasy, oppressive tracks and it’s always fun to make a load of noise in a solitary space. I hope everyone can get into as dark a mind frame when listening as I did when I made SMPHTHT.

6. Nicky Soft Touch – It’s Real Irritating, I Can’t Take It

The ominous swells continue from the usually upbeat house upstart Nicky Soft Touch. Unfortunately for him, Nicky is a very close friend of mine. The recording that plays throughout this track is from one of our many late night, half conscious YouTube livestream binges in which we’d try to get vloggers to speak to us directly. Who knew that such a pointless and innocent endeavour could make for such a dark and intense finished product. Nicky is sitting on a wealth of amazing music (and online food reviews) so make sure to keep an eye out for whatever mischief he gets up to in 2019!

7. Lemonick – Stratos Space Dub

Swiss producer Lemonick jettisons us back into clarity with this track straight from the NASA space station. it’s an epic science fiction blockbuster of a tune for sure! I feel like if I was to accidentally fly a spaceship into a load of meteors at high speed and explode into a ball of fire this would be the perfect soundtrack. Another artist normally known for his hard drum tracks, it’s amazing to be able to offer Lemonick a platform to flex his melodic muscles.

8. Nara – Tea Pot

Closing the compilation out in a confrontational, confusing manner is Super Kitchen affiliate Nara. It’s the aural equivalent to someone throwing sand in your eyes and is reminiscent of numerous grime devil mixes. On this track Nara has deviated from her usual penchant for hard gabber-style kicks but the doesn’t mean this track is any less intense. Nara has been cooking up some real heat recently so you’d better get to know before she makes you by force.

Angels Never Expire 001 is out now.

Buy it here.

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