Steve Bicknell – 10 classic cuts of hip-hop and rare groove

London’s  Steve Bicknell has been an integrated and highly important segment of the underground electronic scene since the early ’90s and has continued to expand his musical horizons through producing, promoting and playing.

With releases on Ostgut Ton and Blueprint Records, the veteran techno figure has been inputting excellence into London’s ever growing techno scene for almost 20 years. Recently, Steve has been focusing on his pulsating label 6dimensions, with a range of dark atmospheric releases from upcoming artists like Heartless, who recently came through on our mix series, and Steve himself.

His latest release, Awakening The Past 1, once again sees him reignite a selection of his earlier productions, with unreleased pieces from 1998 accompanied by a brand new track.

In celebration of the EP, which is out today via 6dimensions, Steve has compiled ten tracks of rare groove and hip-hop from the ’80s and ’90s, as he states the era was his foundation pre-acid house. With cuts from O’Jays, EPMD and Larry Young and more, tuck in below…

1. L.L. Cool J – Rock The Bells

Hip hop was on fire at this time. DEF Jam records were spitting out great material.

2. James Brown – Don’t Tell It

Can’t get away from the fact that James Brown was born to be a genius of funk.

3. The 45 King – The 900 Number

The B-side of the album is full of breaks and beats that were great to use back then, and are still great!

4. EPMD – So What Cha Sayin’

Bass line from out of nowhere – know what I’m sayin’?

5. O’ Jays – For The Love Of Money

So many memories of Soul II Soul at the Africa Centre in Covent Garden on Sunday nights in ’86. Such a great night – the music, sound and atmosphere. Full of happy people from all walks of life, this was London.

6. Beastie Boys – Paul Revere

Depending on the time and set I’m playing the instrumental of this track and people never connect it to the Beastie Boys. It still sounds dope. I went to see the Beastie Boys and Run DMC at the Brixton Academy in ’88 and still remember being there like it was yesterday; an amazing experience.

7. Larry Young – Turn Off The Lights

One track I will never tire of, I could play this all night and day.

8. Just – Ice – Cold Gettin’ Dumb

Just Ice emerged with with the album ‘Back To The Old School’ in ’86 –  an absolute classic at the time and still is.

9. Schooly D – Saturday Night

Rap with humour and a tad dark, this track still makes me smile.

Featured Image: Manbo Key @ MW Studio Taiwan

Steve Bicknell’s Awakening The Past 1 EP is out now on 6dimensions. More info here 

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