Song-By-Song: Submerse – ‘Slow Waves’

An early contributor to our Hyp mix series, we’ve been fans of Rob Orme’s work as Submerse for some years now. Starting out as a purveyor of hooky ‘Future Garage’, Orme has since lived in Tokyo for a period of time – going on to find his niche as a producer with a unique appreciation of texture and space, and a sound that melodiously falls between Electronica and Instrumental Hip-Hop. Now nearly half a decade into his production career, its finally time for his debut album, ‘Slow Waves’. Landing on Project Mooncircle, the German label with whom he’s worked frequently in recent years, the record is a warm serving of grainy, nostalgic beats that look back at memories, “…unique to his life, yet so similar to the fading memories of youth and adolescene we all have”.

Read on to find out more about the production methods, inspirations and motivations behind ‘Slow Waves’, as well for an exclusive first listen to the night time ambience of ‘Snorlax’….

submerse 1

Let’s Never Come Back Here Again

The title was inspired by a quote from the movie ‘Lost In Translation’. For me it’s one of the most hazy tracks of the album. I re-sampled everything over and over again to get it as washed out as I could. This track for me is a summary of the album.


‘math.’ was inspired from watching 90’s Hip Hop and R&B music videos on TV when I was a kid after school and also a school playground near Nakanosakaue station in Tokyo that always seems deserted every time I walk past it. The beat and guitar are pretty simple but sometimes that’s all I really want to make, a nice long loop with only the textures and ambience changing as the track progresses.


I’m always on the look out for rhodes and smooth keys. Keys for me give off a sort of smoky city vibe and the track is inspired by walking around the city at night. A lot of the tracks and this one to me seem like headphone music, this is the kind of track I would hear in my head walking around at night on my own. This track, like the others is filled with foley sounds and my intention was to make as dreamy as possible. Snorlax is also the name of a Pokemon too… just a nod to another passion.


After replaying a ton of Zelda boss battles I was driven by nostalgia from when I was a really young kid and first got my hands on a gameboy and Zelda (Link’s Awakening) at Easter. I wanted to make something that kind of reminded me of those times, from the first time I beat the game, to using Sellotape to keep the Gameboy battery cover on from where I was broken it with overuse. Like most track on the album I used the SP404 a lot for effects and also pushing sounds through it to get a cassette feel.


Shoreline was the last track I finished for the album. Inspired while making it of a memory of a beach I went to when I was a kid. Again like “Let’s Never Come Back Here Again’ It’s an almost summary of my idea of ‘Slow Waves’ as a whole.


Cut From The Team

This track for me is a general look over a lot of my travels to play shows. I sampled a lot of fizzy drinks, champagne and other drink sounds and used them to make the texture of the track, the idea behind it was to give a nostalgic feel of being in clubs and bars in countries that I would have never have visited if it wasn’t for music. To me the track feels slightly melancholic but that’s how I feel when looking back on past events, good times.

Approaching Ends

This started out as an outro track. Inspired by some of those classic ‘break up’ R&B style tracks I remember watching on MTV Base when I was a kid.


I originally wanted a rap over this beat but after I added more and more layers It just felt right on it’s own. The original mix did have a few chopped vocals but I just wanted that 3am smoke track that I could loop and zone out to.

Photo10_10 (2) copy


Buildingbloks.Insert is an insert track focusing on some old kids toys and a way to bridge ‘Fumes’ with ‘Tapes’, something less chilled and more neon/8bit.


Tapes was the very first track I made when I started the album back in August 2013. Inspired by flashing arcade lights and japanese game centers. Entering a game center in Tokyo at 10pm a little tipsy is a pretty out of this world experience, with so many things happening at once and so many sounds. Always a surreal moment.

Struck Out

I made this track while watching scenes from the movie ‘Babel’ on loop. There is a scene when a bunch of characters takes some pills, ride the trains, walk around Tokyo and go to a club, I muted the movie and just made a beat that I thought would suit the theme of what was happening in a reflective way, not like what they would actually be listening to in the club or on the streets of Tokyo.

Sayz U (Bonus Edit)

Sayz U is originally an older beat just remixed and remastered with a few slight changes.

‘Slow Waves’ will be released on Sunday. Pre-order it here.

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