Song-by-Song: Reginald Omas Mamode IV – ‘We Are The Universe’ (Five Easy Pieces)

After unleashing the brilliant ‘All Together’ on Amsterdam label Intimate Friends earlier this year, south London producer Reginald Omas Mamode IV is back, this time with an extended EP on Five Easy Pieces – home to the likes of fLako, and a number of Mamode’s past EPs . Titled ‘We Are The Universe’, his latest offering takes a distinctly global musical stance, taking sonic cues from a wide range of countries and cultures; the 7 tracks are imbued with the sounds of Funk, Latin, Soul, African Nubian music and peak-time dance floor heat.

A figurehead in the flourishing south London beats scene alongside Hyponik favourites Henry WuAl Dobson Jr, Tenderlonious, Mo Kolours and Jeen Bassa – Mamode has also released on the Peckham-based 22a imprint that these artists call home. On hand to deliver his thoughts and feelings on the new EP, Mamode guides us through the deeper meanings and processes behind each track, as well as some food for thought.

Stream the record below and read Mamode’s accompanying words after the jump…


A1.In This Case (get over yourself)
This is a call to people to think about a bigger picture. For all people to look beyond their immediate surroundings. For people to look outside the limited constraints of a repetitive daily life. A call for all to question the information fed from the mainstream. For people to question wrong from right on a global scale. There’s nothing shameful about admitting we’re wrong at times. Drop the headsure moral ego people, in order to move forward positively. Get over yourself.

A2.We Are The Universe
All life on earth, our solar system and beyond is intrinsically linked and possibly the very same thing. If all life including mankind is of our universe, does this mean the universe is all life? Matter in the form of Solar stardust created the rock we call home and all matter comes from the unknown space we call the universe. We are made of that same matter right? So…We are the universe?

A3.Like I Do
This is a story of trust, loyalty and attraction. Recounting the beginning of a new relationship where she still has unfinished links to her last partner.

B1.Can You Dig It
Big bass drum, dig it or not, bounce with me good peoples.

This one is for the dance…Enjoyable to make. Just one take stems – high energy.

B3.Stay With Me
This is funk for the social brother or sister. When you just want to be with your people and you don’t want the occasion to end.

B4.Music Is My Heaven Ft. Tenderlonious
My brother Tender came over to my place one evening. He sat at the piano and started playing to the drums I’d programmed just before he walked in. We recorded this first take then got a bite to eat.

Reginald Omas Mamode IV’s ‘We Are The Universe’ is out now on Five Easy Pieces. Order it here.

Image: Ben Millar Cole

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