Song-by-Song: Dinky – Valor (Crosstown Rebels)

Chilean born Alejandra Iglesias, better known as Dinky, has long been a prolific DJ and producer.

With previous releases on labels like Cocoon, Visionquest and Crosstown Rebels, and a DJ residency at Berlin’s fabled Panorama Bar since 2004, Dinky has continuously explored each of her musical fascinations throughout her career. Be it ambient, minimal house or electro-pop, the multi-talented musician has released five albums and a string of EPs over the last fifteen years that have seen her unafraid to tread new territory.

Her sixth album, Valor, sees her go beyond the dance floor, fusing songwriting and live instrumentation with electronic elements to create music that transcends genre. The album marks a special turning point in Dinky’s life as it acts as a narrative for her journey through motherhood and a troubled pregnancy, with her voice acting as a key form of expression throughout.

Speaking on her experiences around the album, Dinky says in a press release:

“Valor in Spanish means ‘courage’ but it’s also the first letters of both my sons Valentin and Orlando combined. This album is a personal journey through motherhood and pregnancy as an artist. My life took an 180 degree turn since the day I knew I was going to be a mother, it was beautiful and magic but at the same time I faced lots of obstacles, doubts and fears.”

“After my first son was born in 2014 I was labelled a high risk, and with the new pregnancy again in 2015 with my younger boy I was ordered to stay in bed for more than 3 months, otherwise the risk of losing him was too high. My husband built a studio for me in the corner of our bedroom, he took care of everything and I just tried to stay as quiet as possible. Every little pain or movement I dreaded losing my son. At the beginning I felt completely depressed lying in bed staring at my belly but I decided to challenge my energy and write this album. I wrote it in a total pregnant state for my husband and sons, by the time I was 8 months I could barely sustain notes and my singing was a little rusty but it was personal and came from an important part of my heart.”

With the album dropping this Friday, we asked Dinky to reflect on the meaning and thought processes behind each song on what is her most personal and absorbing record to date.

1. Casa

It’s a song about love and struggle, sometimes we need to find new ways to show love.

2. Cut

A couple suddenly realises they are spending too much time online on their phones, they are losing their connection (no pun intended) so they struggle to go back to reality. Finally they find out there is no way back and they need to live with the changes.

3. Lackers

It’s a song about finding the innocence we’ve lost, and how the traumas and events affect our character and transform us.

4. Milk

A song about feeling really close to someone but in a very light and harmonious way. Days and nights are perfect, like dreams.

5. Shooting bodies

This song I wrote after a terrorist attack against children that got me totally traumatised. Their bodies where lying everywhere and the mothers pain was unbearable. It’s a tribute to their pain

6. Slowly

About moving on. Sometimes we tend to give too much to someone and then realise we have forgotten who really is beside us. It’s easy to lose sight of things so freeing ourselves from that person is very hard.

7. Valentino

The days we just don’t know what we want but we only know how much we want. We all have those selfish days and when we come back to reality we realise life is not only about us.

8. Wait

This is about waiting for my son Valentin to be born, at 5 months pregnant they told us he could be born anytime and he might not survive unless I stayed in bed until my 8th month. I wrote this album at this time and when I was 8 and a half months I did my last gig at Panorama Bar garden. He was born 2 weeks later at term and healthy.

9. Wakame

This song closes the album and closed a stressy chapter of my life in a very positive way. I remember sitting down at the end of an exhausting day and feeling really good about life and about the people I loved. This track reflects that moment.

 Valor is out on the 30th September via Crosstown Rebels and can be pre-ordered here.

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