Song-by-Song: Culross Close – Forgotten Ones

Much of the way in which the world operates today, at a human level, concerns exploitation, using another’s vulnerability for one’s own benefit, an idea so commonplace we only recognise its ill in the extremes. From reflection, to acceptance, to hope, Forgotten Ones delves into the contradictions of accepting the status quo while identifying it’s shortcomings.

These are the words from Culross Close, the K15 led quintet, to introduce us to their new six-track album, Forgotten Ones. Comprised of members Eli Emmanuel, May Goode, Nathaniel Jiddu, Hasani and of course top North London soul boy Anthony Kieron, it’s the group’s second full length to date, following from their 2016 debut Home, and Moments that came via Keiron’s Esencia imprint early last year.

A spiritual journey through jazz, hip hop, electronica and bossa nova, we catch up with K15 and crew as they share stories on the ideas, studio environments and sessions that led to the creation of Forgotten Ones. 

1. Fractured

Nathaniel just got a new synth, so he spent a large part of the day twisting and turning things, messing with overdubs. We all listened back and wanted to add elements but it was May and Hasani who led charge.

2. Forgotten Ones

Hasani had been listening to a lot of Donald Byrd. He found the album ‘I’m Tryin To Get Home (Brass and Voices)” and played it for all of us. The drums came, then Anthony arranged the chords. Hasani and May started humming along then somehow, we had words and these words shaped the future of the record and informed what we were trying to say. We aren’t vocalists but Nathaniel said that we have voices, so we can sing. More than anything it was an exercise in trial and belief. *the lyrics are on the rear of the album sleeve*.

3. Acceptance

This was a more meditative piece. Again, trialling the vocals. The whole thing feels quite hypnotic, like if you stripped out all the music and left the chants, it would be exceptionally moving.

4. Mood

We were in sessions with other musicians and around music cats. We would all start talking about music then it would peter out and other aspects would drift in. Soon it was talk about streams, revenue, survival, which is fine but after a while, it felt tense. Tyrone was there, armed with all kinds of field recordings, he’s a different breed of human. The piece reflects the tension we often feel, especially in this city, in this time. Like if we opened to door of the studio, it would sound like that.

5. The Tiniest Lights Still Shine

Nathaniel loves this. Nothing but groove and grit. A pretty raw take too. I think Hasani’s percussion and May’s drums are perfect. Again, one of those days Tyrone was just about. Around. He heard the bass riff and wanted in.

6. Healing

Healing. This one is like a breath of fresh air. Subtle in ways but again, groove and grit. I feel like Hasani really came into his own on this record. We were missing with different recording techniques and Anthony was lost in his own synthesized world but it all came together.

Forgotten Ones is out now on Esencia. 

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