Soho Rezanejad: The Idealist

You may recognise Danish experimental artist and vocalist, Soho Rezanejad for her early work with bands Gold Lip and Lust for Youth, but it’s her solo adventures over more recent years that have defined her as one of electronic music’s most fascinating voices.

Born in New York, and of Iranian descent but now living in Copenhagen, her solo debut came in the form of 2015 EP Idolatry, a six-track EP of captivating electro-pop that married darkwave textures with Soho‘s baritone vocals.

Recently releasing her debut album, Six Archetypes on Silicone Records, the new record is an exploration of humanity’s essential postures, and a bold statement of the artist’s range. With Rezanejad‘s compositions, instrumentation and her textural palette more complex, the LP is resultantly of much darker, intimate terrain than her previous efforts.

Today we premiere the stunning video to album cut ‘The Idealist’, alongside a compilation of 25 variants of the single, re-worked into original compositions around Soho’s vocals. The compilation features tracks from Soho’s fellow friends and artists, including the likes of Posh Isolation’s Loke Rahbek, Drew McDowall (ex-Coil), Ben Greenberg (Uniform), Puce Mary, Anton Falk, Astrid Sonne, Sky H1 and many more.

Six Archetypes is out now on Silicone Records. Order it here

The Idealist Compilation is out now. Order it here.

Featured Images: Frederik Heike

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