Soccer96: 7 tracks for hyperdimensional hypnosis

Four years on from their debut self-titled album, Soccer96 are back with a new full-length.

Based in Brighton, the synth and drum duo of Dan Leavers (Danalogue) and Max Hallett (Betamax) are perhaps best known as two thirds of psychedelic jazz trio The Comet Is Coming, whose debut album received a nomination for this year’s Mercury prize.

Having recorded and produced the record themselves, their new album As Above So Below sees the pair continue to experiment with old-school analogue methods, whilst drawing influence from Brian Eno’s “studio as an instrument” philosophy, and the bold approach to improvised composition showcased by German experimentalists Can.

In anticipation of the LP’s release, and the album launch show at Hackney’s Moth Club this Saturday, Soccer96’s Danalogue has gifted us a playlist of his top 7 tracks for hyperdimensional hypnosis. Get ready for Tangerine Dream, Zombie Zombie and Harmonia… and Danalogue’s marvellous track-by-track commentary.

1. Bouganvillea’s Shallow Lobe (Premier Desire) 

I first heard monopoly child star searchers coming through the walls of Capitol K’s basement at 4am… I thought it was a transcendent mushroom collective attaining oneness through percussive meditation through the night, which it still might be only on a series of sold out cassettes.

2. U: Easy Prayer 

A legendary jazz drummer previously thought dead is detected trapped inside an MPC 2000 like a genie in a rowdy lamp. He is destined to play thumping beats for infinity through maximum compression settings to blow the minds of anyone who listens.

3. Harmonia – Watussi

Time travel is possible and the proof is Harmonia who are so ahead of their time that they must be Dabrye who ended his LP 2/3 with Game Over never to release 3/3 because he knew he was about to travel back to make seminal krautrock albums.

4. The Comet is Coming – Space Carnival

This is a cut from our other band’s album – Channel The Spirits. The video by super talent Morgan Behringer is like strapping in to be blasted into space at hyperdrive through a quantum wormhole, truly transportative, Morgan – we salute you!

5. Zombie Zombie – Rocket number 9

A couple years back we supported Zombie Zombie and we were totally blown away. The sound is hot and sweaty with intoxicating groove stench. The band swagger across the galaxy snorting cosmic dust off of vintage disco machines.

6. Tangerine Dream – Thief – Diamond Diary

This track is a lunar landscape of frequency. The drones actually melt away the concept of separation, whilst the arpeggiating synths release trapped energy.

7. Ash Ra Tempel – Schizo

Life is suffering and only through understanding this ancient Buddhist principle and listening to Ash Ra Temple can one actually navigate around one’s own ego.

As Above So Below is out September 23rd, pre-order here. The album launch party comes to Moth club on Saturday September 17.

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