Soar across a charred futuristic battleground with WWWINGS

WWWINGS is a formidable production trio made up of enigmatic figures Lit Daw, Lit Internet and Lit Eyne.

They make fiercely contemporary music that’s resolutely post-internet, post-apocalyptic, post-everything. Heaps of influences folded in and welded together. You might have heard their recent free album PHOENIX, or maybe previous EPs for the likes of L.A. labels Symbols and TAR. Or even Lit Internet’s Angelysium mixtape, which featured likeminded producers Endgame and Lao.

Both of those guys crop up again as guests on the new WWWINGS EP. Entitled META, it’s out as a pink 7″ on Canadian imprint Infinite Machine later this month. The label, whose last release was an EP from Iydes, have previously put out material from the likes of Tsunga, Troy Gunner and Bwana.

META is more geared towards the clubs than previous WWWINGS releases, but don’t be fooled – there’s plenty of trap doors and jagged edges to watch out for.

We’re premiering the final EP cut, ‘CYPHER’. The artwork is pretty instructive as to what lies beneath – futuristic, mechanistic production twinned with dark gothic ambience. The trio lay a surprisingly lithe flute melody over charred bass and bubbling grime synths. This one’s out to do some serious damage – handle with care.

META is out March 25 on Infinite Machine, pre-order here.

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