Session Victim: Eight songs we love today, but would’ve hated when we were 20

Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling’s work as Session Victim spans multiple styles, but there’s always a certain degree of quality to their hardware-infused productions. A number of releases for Delusions Of Grandeur – including a new forthcoming album Listen To Your Heart – and Freer’s own Retreat imprint have been met with acclaim, but it’s in their live sets that their musical prowess really comes alive, as the pair hunker down behind an array of gear.

Session Victim will be playing live at London’s impressive Printworks space on April 29, alongside the likes of Paul Kalkbrenner, Derrick May, DJ Pierre, and Extrawelt. Ahead of the show, Freer and Reiling have shared a collection of tracks that they may have overlooked when they were younger, but have grown to love in recent years.

1.Conan Mockassin – The man who will find you

If I show this to friends, I’m always surprised how many people think it’s just a comedy thing. I think back in the day, I would have probably thought the same. Today, I’m very amazed by the musicality and the beauty of Conan’s songwriting.

2. Elton John – Tiny Dancer

A song I would just not have had the patience to really let sink in… I’m glad I do now! Back in our early twenties, Elton John was probably the uncoolest thing out there… circle of life and all that.

3. Allison Moyet – All cried out

I hated that song when I was a kid – don’t know why, but I did. I needed to hear Fink’s cover version to realise the beauty of it. Today, I like the original just as much.

4.The B-52s – Mesopotamia

When I first heard this band, I did not like one thing about them – the sound, the lyrics, how the band members looked and, above all, Cindy’s and Fred’s voices. To me, it was very annoying. A few months ago in Hamburg, Finn Johansen dropped this and it just hit me like a brick. How could I ever not have liked this? I went to the record store right after and bought half their discography at once.

5. Roc Marciano – Deeper

I remember a few years ago, Yanneck (Quarion) called me to tell me to check out the Marcberg LP. I did, and after a brief moment, I totally got hooked. His flow is so unique and full of character, but the most amazing thing for me is how the rap corresponds with his beats. Back when we were all about Cypress Hill and Mobb Deep, his albums would have felt like one never ending intro. Like, man, is he ever going to drop a real drumloop? This song is just one, but a strong example of all that.

6. Imagination – Changes

15 years back, this would have been exactly the kind of record I would not have bought, not even for 1 Euro. Sound-wise, it’s the exact opposite of the kind of soul we were into, like Stax, Gil Scott Heron or Dyke & the Blazers. I think the way we grew more and more into DJing and what we wanted to achieve with a dancefloor led us to appreciate the certain vibe bands like Imagination create. Records by the likes of Soundstream definitely helped a lot steering us towards this shiny, cheesy disco music.

7. Pat Metheny – Bright Size Life

Though we have been buying ECM records for quite a long time, we would always just go through that stuff looking for sample chops, single drums etc. I guess if you do that long enough, at some point you can not help but fall in love with some of the beautiful jazz Manfred Eicher and his label have been putting out over all these years. Like Pat Metheny, but there’s a whole universe to discover, if you have not already…

8. Steve Silk Hurley & The Voices of Life – The Word is Love (Mousse T’s For The
Heads Mix)

When I first got into house, it was music like Theo Parrish, SVEK or Moodymann – poppy vocal things like this one here were still light years away. At least, that’s how it felt. Luckily, it didn’t take that long in the end to bridge the gap. But if someone would have told me at age 19 I would intentionally buy a Mousse T. record one day, I would not have believed this to be possible for one second.

Session Victim play alongside Paul Kalkbrenner, Derrick May Extrawelt (Live), and DJ Pierre on the 29th April at Printworks. Get tickets here.

Featured image: Tomek Kmiecik

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