Roza Terenzi : In Conversation

2018 was a big year for Roza Terenzi, aka Katie Campbell. The Perth native who currently resides in Melbourne put out no less than six EPs out last year, both in collaboration and on her own. She’s showing no signs on slowing down in 2019. Having just started a residency on Rinse FM, and with a string of new releases in the pipeline as well as a busy touring schedule, Campbell is definitely one to watch from the cohort of upcoming Australian talent.

Her sound lands somewhere between the lush atmospheres produced by artists such as Ex-Terrestrial, and the playful rhythmic elements and sampling of old-school electro and breaks that have had a resurgence in recent years thanks to producers like DJ Normal 4 and Textasy. We caught up with her last month to discuss her accelerating DJ and production schedule, and the many influences behind her music.

What a year 2018 has been for you, have you got any stand out moments from the last twelve months?

It has been a really enjoyable year! My first international tour was definitely a huge highlight, getting to play in new countries and travel, my live show at Meredith Music Festival last weekend was also something that I won’t forget.

You put out a lot of music in 2018. Are you the kind of musician who is constantly in the studio producing?

Yeah definitely, if I’m not making music then I start feeling restless and anxious.

Your music draws upon a lot of the playful aspects of old-school electro, rave and breaks. What is it that draws you to that kind of sound?

Mostly the momentum and excitement in the music. It’s the fun and rhythmic qualities and variations that always inspire me to try and integrate new ideas into my own sound.

How would you describe the Melbourne scene? Do you think it has a specific sound?

I’ve only been living here for just under 2 years so I can only describe my personal experience of the scene here. I think the sound from people making music here is probably a lot more varied compared to other places geographically. My guess is it’s due to how isolated we are from the rest of the world, which results in a heavy reliance on the internet and research to drawn upon for inspiration. I think some of the most exciting production in the world is coming out of Australia and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to be more aware of it. The clubbing scene has its ups and downs, but some of the special parties, especially in the summer, are so incredible.

Who are your top musical inspirations?

My friends, Richard H Kirk/Sandoz, Extra Sensual Perception Records, Spencer Kincy/Gemini, my dad. So much it’s hard to narrow it down…

Have you got any non-musical inspirations that feed into your work?

For sure, I’d say I’m equally as inspired by art, design and video as I am by music. I have lots of friends who are really incredible artistically, so being around them drives me to work hard and remember to absorb different things around me. I often contextualise my music when watching or observing something and how they can feed off each other.

Congrats on your Rinse residency! Have you got any specific directions you want to go with it?

Thank you. My original plan was to host three of my favourite DJs on the second hour and tailor a show to suit their specific styles, but then I found out the show is one hour haha. So the direction will be pretty reflective of a semi typical set I’d play. which involves different genres whilst based around a similar mood or style. They will be pretty club based, but I might make my last one a little lighter.

What’s your favourite tune to close a DJ set with?

Tribal Spirit – Rave Off (Up All Night Mix)

Lastly, what have you got planned for 2019?

I’m finishing off my Australia tour in January, heading back to Europe for a DJ tour in February, then repeat that cycle throughout the year haha. I’ve got some new records coming out in Jan/Feb, including a few remixes! Then in March I’ll finally be able to set aside some time to finish off some music before I head overseas again for a little longer!

Oscillate Tracks 001 by Roza Terenzi and D. Tiffany is out now on Oscillate Tracks.

Buy it here.

Words: Jess Cohen.

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