Review: Vield – Invineti EP (Mechatronica)

Mechatronica is quickly establishing itself as one of the premiere labels promoting modern electro, gaining a buy-on-sight reputation amongst DJs and ravers alike. Established in 2012 by DJ Federico Benedetti, a.k.a. ElectroDon, and Chilean artist Daniel Boubet, who goes by Trippy-H and Daribone, the imprint serves as a platform for promoting producers who craft their sound through experimental hardware-driven techniques. Recently bolstered by the addition of Casper Mejlholm, better known as Mejle, the Berlin-based label have turned heads with their recent output on the label; No Moon‘s Sirens EP and the Jensen Interceptor and Assembler Code collaboration Vapour Waves immediately spring to mind as top-grade releases.

Another fantastic EP from Datawave came out this year on the Mechatronica Digital series, a sub-label offering up exclusively digital projects. Continuing on from the Belgian producer is VIELD, the Polish duo responsible for the latest release on this digital-only imprint. Hailing from the southern city of Bielsko-Biała, Tomasz Wyszomirsk and Jakub Kubok met in High School, performing in hard rock and post punk bands together. 2015 saw the pair finally crack the collaborative code and begin to work on their VIELD project, playing at clubs all over Poland alongside the likes of DRVG CULTURE and The Exaltics. Inspired by “Detroit-like escapism, sunny electro straight from Dutch California, sounds of Soviet industrial machinery and Arabian cosmodromes on the Sahara desert which never existed”, their debut Invineti EP darts across the electro-techno spectrum with 3 killer originals and a remix courtesy of Universo.

Opening track ‘Eamiq’ is a heavy hitting electro track, complete with punishing industrial melodies and snapping snare drums. Psychotic analogue melodies get inside the head of the listener as pounding kick drums keep the track moving with purpose. You can definitely hear the influence of Tomasz’s new home, Rotterdam, in this body-shaking number. Don’t be fooled by the calm opening to ‘Avvene’ – thick reverberating kick drums soon partner up with the crisp hi-hats occupying the high frequencies. A wild acid line joins the party later on in the track, adding a head-spinning melody to the track, something of a stylistic trademark for the duo. The title track ‘Invineti’ reflects a droney disposition, throbbing with a boundless energy alongside vaporous pads and zealous chords. Universo’s remix of ‘Invineti’ transforms the tune into another well-crafted electro banger, cascading with playful toms and a tireless acid melody. If this is the debut, I can’t wait to see what the duo have in store for us over the next few years. Check out the dance-inducing 4 tracks below.

Released on the 2nd October, you can download a copy of the wonderful debut EP here.

Words: Jens Berring

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