Review: Sync 24 & Jensen Interceptor – ‘Code Three’ (Propaganda Moscow)

Two producers at the peak of their game team up for a monster four tracker.

The thought of Phil Bolland and Mikey Melas combining over an EP should get electro listeners purring. The former, better known as Sync 24, has been at the forefront of the UK scene for over 15 years now, turning his hand as a producer, DJ, label boss and promoter. Balancing these multiple means of output with such consistency and quality is no easy task, and highlights how Bolland has become such an international force within the genre. A frequent collaborator, the Cultivated Electronics boss is sharing some acetate with the Berlin-based Sydney-native Jensen Interceptor on this latest release. Part of the established new-breed of machine music, Melas’ industrious work ethic and unparalleled ability in the studio has seen the Interceptor churn out some 14 releases since the beginning of 2018. Never dropping in energy or technique, Melas often explores chuggy EBM, breakneck electro and jaw-dropping techno sonics that were built for the dance.This isn’t the first time the duo have united forces on the Russian platform: in October last year at a Propaganda party in Moscow, both were invited to select the tunes and contort the floor.

Taking control on the A-side, Sync 24’s opening track ‘Warehouse’ harks back to the dark and dingy vibe conjured up at the October party. A fluid, deep bassline drives the song along, whilst sci-fi percussion and an evil acid melody revolve and repeat. Refraining vocal echoes add to the intensity, as do the undulating synth keys floating over the lower frequencies. ‘Poll Wars’ is a far funkier number, yet still possesses an ominous dimension to it. The more stripped back drum work marries perfectly with the song’s squelchy bass to produce some serious groove, before sinister vocals demand the listener’s attention. Electro-funk couldn’t get much more extreme.

On the flip-side, Jensen Interceptor’s opening track ‘Quiet Earth’ is the polar opposite of its name. Trademark pulsating synthwork wobbles dramatically over fierce kicks, snappy rim shots and razor-sharp hats. Ethereal vocals hazily drift atop the fervent rhythm; perhaps these are cries from extra-terrestrials? Either way, the tune is another rampant electro cut from the Australian producer. ‘Valamar 404′ features Melas’ partner in crime Assembler Code for another dynamic cut of machine music. Low-humming kick drums synergise with crisp snare hits to propel the track forward, and a body-shaking synth melody delivers more life to the track.

There’s no doubt that you’ll be hearing these tracks in clubs for months to come. The EP delivers four dancefloor-ready cuts of funky yet furious electro, quick in tempo and tireless in nature. Brimming with bleeps, hardnose percussion and mind-bending melodies, this is a must cop for any fan of either artist.

Grab your copy HERE.

Words: Jens Berring

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