Review: Roza Terenzi – Let’s Ride (Dekmantel)

Rosa Terenzi’s name derives from Fiorella Terenzi, an acclaimed astrophysicist, writer and musician. Her music has become just as explorative as the range of her namesakes’ professions. In 2017 she released her first record and there are hints of off-kilter sounds, but they’re mostly hidden by a traditional house structure. As her portfolio grew so did her voice and confidence to allow things to get weird.

The latest EP of Roza Terenzi’s growing collection, Lets Ride, out via Dekmantel, is her most forward-thinking yet. The title sums up her attitude toward the release, unlike her first album, every song is different and unpredictable. Whatever way the track leans, there’s that playfulness Australian producers love to channel.

‘3IY’ peaks and troughs, intermittently crashing earthbound with heavy kickdrums, layers of alien synths and percussion. Relaxing, ‘Bricks’ takes on a chimey ambient background, while deep house and breakbeat notes patter against it. A good warm up tune for a casual set in the sun.

Displayed in the glittery synths and hollow drums of ‘Freak n’ Tweak’, as well as the continuous “ah-ah” vocals and evolving rhythmic patterns in ‘Open Me’, is an intricate mesh of sound that appears throughout the record, making this one of her most creative and mature pieces of work to date.

Though there’s a flood of notes, the binding agent of Let’s Ride is the varied wonky breakbeats that could irk some purists. There’s no doubt, however, that the quality of production and the well-crafted contrasts is a sign of an inquisitive and brave producer, something we can all admire.

Let’s Ride is out now. 

Buy it here.

Words: Taymour Afdhal

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