Review: Randomer – ‘Headstrong 002’ (Headstrong)

The North London talisman delivers four tracks of furious techno.

Rohan Walder’s output is consistent in a number of ways. The most obvious characteristic is quality. Seemingly every release is meticulously detailed, complete with expert sound design and multiple textures. Another area of consistency is energy. Unrelenting velocity is intrinsic to Walder’s music, captivating listeners into a frenzied state of movement. A final unwavering quality of Randomer‘s production is its ‘thump’. There’s no dilly-dallying, no half-hearted kick or sluggish snare. Every sample has purpose, packing an almighty punch. Past outings on Hemlock, Perc Trax, L.I.E.S. and Dekmantel illustrate the scene-wide regard of Walder’s work.

His latest EP, Headstrong 002, continues the British producer’s emblematic consistency. Released on Headstrong on the 4th December, the four tracks constituting the EP are all menacing cuts of no-nonsense techno. ‘Fat Purple Figs’ is an animated cacophony of sidewinding percussion, eerie floating vocals and industrious cymbals. Second track ‘Sigma’ rumbles along with its engulfing kick drums, and ‘Sylo’ growls with its in-your-face melody and hectic hi hats. Concluding the release, ‘Hidden’ is built for the club, a track with bloodcurdling stabs and destructive drum work. Overall, the release is characterised by quick tempo, headspinning percussion melodies and resolute, driving kicks. Expect to hear this at 4am, when the strobes are piercing and the dancefloor’s sweaty. Check out the release below.

Grab your copy of Headstrong 002 here.

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