Review: Lauren Flax – ‘One Man’s House Is Another Woman’s Techno’ (The Bunker NY)

Lauren Flax’s musical career crosses boundaries. Her work as part of the trip-hop collaborative, Creep, has given her major support. Alongside that, she has worked with artists like Sia, Boots and Tricky. Though, acid has always been a part of life for the Detroit native. There’s no doubt the genre has picked up again over the last few years through producers like Boston 168 and 999999999, but for Flax, part of the vanguard, “many of us have been at it for decades, it was always present”.

One Man’s House Is Another Woman’s Techno’ sees her revamp her analogue studio and return to a Detroit sensibility with a ’90s sounding 3 track EP. A memoir to an underground era of acid.  You hear a lot of it in the hollow tinny snares and drum patterns in the titular track and throughout the record. It moves at a pace that doesn’t overwhelm but the repeated crescendos of different sounds gives it a stuttering pace. The track works and falls into the category of ‘acid banger’. However, after the honeymoon phase, listening to the EP in one sitting revealed each track to be oversaturated. While the tracks are technically well-crafted and stand well on their own, they are insular and don’t contribute to the entity of the record.

‘One Man’s House Is Another Woman’s Techno’ is good for someone who wants to hear a few bangers but if depth is what you’re after, this isn’t the place to look. Those who don’t have any strong feelings about acid may find themselves bored, but these tracks could slot into any warehouse set and sit snugly in an acid lover’s collection.

Pick up the EP here.

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