Review: Kilig – Cry EP (null+void)

For fans of leftfield electronics and quirky electro, null+void is an imprint that has consistently whet the appetite with its bountiful supply of beats. Each release is distinct, bringing new flavours and moods to the airwaves; from James Shinra’s essential energetic Ball and Chain EP to the heftier frequencies of Dead Sound’s This Is Human EP, the label’s quality remains consistent amongst the shape-shifting disposition of every new offering. The latest four-tracker on Kirsti’s label continues to champion synonymously first-rate sonics whilst exploring new stylistic territories in dependable fashion.

Just as the artist’s name suggests, Kilig’s Cry EP explores the emotive end of the electronic spectrum, evoking deep and heartfelt reaction through intricate yet simple programming. The producer’s clean-cut composition strikes a chord with searching synth lines, resonant percussion and poignant timing, demonstrating a clear ear for soulful sonics. Across the four tracks, the producer uses contrast and interesting samples to great effect, hiding the dancey elements of the release behind touching tonal expression.

The title track is the sentimental start to the release, drifting into focus with its moving opening melody. The contrast between the floating synth chords and the impactful percussive kicks emphasises the song’s deep character. Loaded with wonky, familiar-feeling samples, ‘All I See Is Blue’ combines tranquil textures with robust percussion to illustrate Kilig’s multi-faceted tones. Shimmering cymbals, bouncy toms, humming bass and hollow, wooden knocks characterise the track as it saunters between moods. The breakdown’s icy strung-out synths add drama and suspense, before the percussion snaps the listener back into focus.

The most obviously dance-focused tune, ‘A Book Won’t Save You Now’ demonstrates refinement and effective simplicity. A wobbly acid line subtly jigs atop the track, creating sounds that shriek and holler like jungle-life, whilst warm lo-fi chords and thick kicks add energy. ‘Lost To The Void’ rounds off the release with its resonant low-end frequencies, flickering horn echoes and powerful percussive sequencing. Swooping bass surfs underneath crisp cymbals, driving the flowing rhythm along in tandem with powerful beats from the kick. For a newcomer, this is a seriously impressive effort.

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Words: Jens Berring

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