Review: Dream_E – Dreams on 22 (Pace Yourself)

In the “unprecedented” times we are living in where club music, experiences and culture is becoming close to distant memory, cathartic deep and beautiful pieces of ambient introspection are more needed than ever. Berlin based Scottish crew Pace Yourself have satiated this need with a welcome long player from Shawlands by way of Neukolln artist and  longtime collaborator and resident at the labels namesake party at Salon zur Wilden Renate, Dream_E aka The Burrell Connection. After their maiden release Music Angel gave a refreshing take on the club centric club music we all so crave, long time friend of curators and DJs Jank inc and Walden S, Dream_E channels a myriad of influences from Basic Channel to Pub through seven tracks exploring breakbeats and dreamy soundscapes which will no doubt creep their way into the DJ sets of afterhours as well as presented as one LP of cohesive ideas.

DreamOne kicks off the LP with swirls of reverb and descending Shepard tones over 4 and a half minutes bedding in the sound palette to come over the next 6 tracks. While bringing forth a more melodic approach DreamTwo envelopes the listener with arpeggiated notes and skipping hi hats adding colour to the foreground of the track.

DreamThree begins to take the LP into more IDM/braindance territory still employing the celestial notes omnipresent throughout the record. The impression of space is well represented with panning and oscillating notes giving way to walls of sub-bass evoking a sense of the track being high up in the clouds, contextualised perfectly by the excellent full sleeve artwork by Atelier Superplus of Bristol. The album is grounded once again with the introduction of DreamFour, a purely ambient piece with high pitched synths and the occasional bass note.

DreamFive slows the tempo to around 100 BPM with halftime breakbeats and melancholic pads cutting through the atmosphere, the mood is bittersweet though with euphoric vocals through the mix creating a track both earnest and reflective. Closing off the EP is DreamSix and DreamSeven, with the former being perhaps the most dancefloor ready track on the LP with a midtempo breakbeat anchoring a trance chord progression which could be very well used as a coming up for air moment in a DJ set. The closer is a beautiful spaced out reverberated jam with distant piano notes as a perfect comedown to the euphoria the listener has just experienced over the last 25 minutes.

As a crew clearly willing to break the mould and present such a fully realised concept of work for their second release, they are clearly one to watch with PACE003 already waiting in the wings for before the end of the year, keep your eyes peeled!





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