Review : Conforce – ‘Terra Modis’ (Delsin)

Borris Bunnik is constantly producing. He’s put out over twenty records in the last ten years under his Conforce moniker, not to mention a whole host of electro releases as Versalife, and a number of jacking house cuts as Vernon Felicity. Since his debut album, Machine Conspiracy, Bunnik has partnered up with some of the most respected labels in Dutch electronic music, including Rush Hour, Clone, and Field, as well as releasing on his own imprint, Transcendent. The Terra Modis EP marks a return to his home label Delsin, where he proves that the frequency of his output hasn’t lowered the quality of the music.

Over an illustrious career Bunnik has crafted a signature sound where he explores the sonics of deep techno, dub, and electro with consistently high production values. The optimism and melodic qualities of his earlier releases have morphed into a more abstract, ‘intelligent’ sound, culminating in his most recent album for Delsin, Autonomous.

On this album Bunnik was inspired by the industrial cityscape of Rotterdam, adopting harsher kicks and metallic sounds to create an altogether more unsettling collection of tracks. On Terra Modis the mood is dreamier, employing the delayed pads of dub techno and glistening keys. The EP’s brilliance lies in its precise layers of instrumentation, and the room they’re given to breathe.

The serene atmosphere of ‘Celestion’ makes the track sound almost submerged underwater, with dubbed out drums and sonic details emerging through the haze.  ‘Vessel’ is more melodic, with a sentimental chord progression harking back to some of Conforce’s earlier production.

‘Zephr’ is perhaps the most club-ready track out of the bunch; squelchy keys and echoed pads merge at a functional 127 BPM. ‘Aerial’ is the best track of the EP. Combining delayed pads with delicate keys and a rumbling kick, it epitomises the inherent quality of Conforce’s production: precise instrumentation and deep, cloudy atmospheres.

Drawing together four solid techno tracks, Terra Modis is a self-assured release from a producer at the height of his powers.

Terra Modis is out now on Delsin.

Get it here.

Words: Jess Cohen

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