Review: Claudia Anderson ‘Synthesis’ (Tresor)

Having regularly toured big-name clubs across Europe since 2015 and becoming Tresor resident in 2017, Claudia Anderson’s career as a DJ has taken precedence over her productions. She has only released three EPs since 2012, the latest one, Synthesis, is out now on Tresor’s own label. Leaning more toward dub techno in her first two releases, she amps up the pace, while still maintaining a controlled industrial sound, to create Synthesis, a production that leads us into the night.

The A side is melodic and elemental, making you want to shut your eyes and feel the strobe. ‘Structure’ slowly builds on the dulled percussive industrial heartbeat at the centre of the song, there is a subtle layering of extra beats and an added hi-hat towards the end. The first track creates the structure for how the EP will develop: industrial, dark, slightly malleable. ‘Involvement’ is the step toward something different, the synthesis the album promises. It doesn’t build like A1 but rather continues in its underground tone until the song peters out and the change comes.

‘H- 1 A. P.’, the first B side track, replaces the rolling thunderous techno with falling water, static and white noise that gradually builds to several crescendos, then falls each subsequent time. There are darker sounds you can discern behind the cascade of sound that foreshadows the return to the determined dark heart on the previous side. However, the penultimate track, ‘Synthesis’ is where it falters and takes a step back; returning to techno but without the force found in earlier tracks. The song acts as more of a filler and injects a shot of repetition into the EP. It would have been better to cut it for the love child of all the previous songs, ‘momentum’: a synthesis of industrial techno, drone, and dubstep that terrifies with stuttering bass, guttural swings, and tittering pads.

Though it takes a while to get there, the last tune is worth the wait. It’s a much needed explosion of creativity in an EP that works well as a project, with each track in conversation with the others, but is too bound by the overall structure Claudia Anderson tries to achieve.

‘Synthesis’ is out now on Tresor. 

Buy it here.

Words: Taymour Afhdal 

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