Reso’s Top 5 Shuki Levy Themes

First turning heads via appearances on React FM alongside the likes of Rusko, Heny G and Distance – Alex ‘Reso’ Melia was never an easy fit into the Dubstep pigeonhole. He certainly had a flair for face-melting drops, but there was always a futurist scope and restless hyperactivity to the South Londoners work that made you sense that his future lay in decidedly more interesting territory. His ensuing material proved this hunch to be correct, with early releases for Civil Music hitting hard, but with a musicality that set him apart from the legions of Brosteppers filling up the Beatport charts. His debut full length for that label only cemented that impression, with its complex array of textures, drums and atmospherics wowing music lovers of all dispositions.

Melia has since been signed up exclusively to the venerable Hospital Records, with his varied approach fitting in nicely with the label’s newly broadened remit. His ‘Pulse Code’ EP from last year has been followed up by ‘Ricochet‘ – a sophmore LP that finds his virtuosic level of technical skill applied to breaks driven music of every hue and shade. From the jazzy ambience of rollers such as ‘Echo Loss’, to the hard hitting style of ‘Move It’, ‘Ricochet’ is Melia’s sonic journey deep into the Jungle and far beyond.

Always an outspoken fan of cartoons, we thought it would be a treat to enlist Melia to give us his favourite cartoon themes by the legend Shuki Levy, a selection which he elaborates on below…

“When It came to thinking about the theme tunes of the best cartoons from my childhood it became apparent that the vast majority were written by Shuki Levy. Seriously the man is a don. He holds the world record for having written the most TV theme tunes. Inspector Gadget? That was him. He-Man? Him too. If you’re a child of the 80’s or 90’s then he’s had an impact on you without you even realising. As such, I’ve picked my top 5 favourite themes he’s composed.”

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

First up is Jayce and the Wheeled warriors. I remember getting up specifically on Sunday mornings to watch this on Channel 4. This is a strange one though as not everybody saw it or remembers it as the toys weren’t so popular. To my mind however this epitomises pure 80’s POWER. The combo of synth bass, arp lines and guitar couples with the soulful but also super Hair Metal styled vocals to really provide a sense of epicness. Very fitting for a show set in space with shape shifting evil plant creatures that turn into trucks with buzz saws for weapons as the main antagonists. The end credits theme is equally sick, I just wish it was a bit longer.


Another wicked example of his 80’s power sound. It really got you excited for what was to come. The vocal topline and harmonies along with the synth work are second to none. The use of a vocoder to say mask is a genius touch.

Seriously, a show about vehicles that could do two or more things (cars that could fly with laser cannons and shit!), 80’s cartoons properly smashed it. I had a lot of Mask toys, I’m pretty sure most of these cartoons were made solely to promote the toy lines but I couldn’t give a fuck, they were awesome.


One of his 90’s efforts and the best one for me. Other’s from this period include the Power Rangers theme and Spiderman. This is the one though, that lead is so infectious.

I prefer the sound of his 80’s theme’s however just because of the sound palette he uses but even the midi strings can’t ruin this solid gold nugget. Plus it’s the fucking X-Men.


Just sick. Another of his classic 8th note synth basslines with a really catchy vocal on top. I love the cheeky pwm lead in there and the double note phrase at the end smacks it.

This was a pretty dark show using elements of Greek mythology combined with Sci-Fi. I still need to see the last few episodes. There was an alternate theme used for the Japanese version which isn’t as good, though I do love the guitar solo.

Cities of Gold

More classic vocal stylings with a strong Latin influence. The chorused pads on the intro lend a lot of mystery before it kicks into the theme proper.
This show was a quality mix of South American history, archeology and Sci-Fi. I remember watching this on CBBC with Phillip Schofield in the broom cupboard with that fucking twat Gordon the gopher. Good times.

‘Ricochet’ is out now on Hospital. Buy it here

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