Record of the Week: Hodge – ‘Beneath Two Moons’ (Berceuse Heroique)

Hodge follows up his latest 12″ for Hemlock with a more minimalist, restrained affair via Berceuse Heroique. Title track ‘Beneath Two Moons’, a tense and hypnotic 4/4 roller, ratchets up the suspense before things get started proper. ‘There Is A Storm Coming In’ has a fittingly menacing vibe, building tension with minor-key strings before a cavernous kick enters, surrounded by descending synths. As with much of Hodge’s music, there’s a subtle sense of foreboding present, an ominous vibe that puts you a little on edge.

‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ keeps things moving, continuing the uncanny tone of the record by weaving subtle synths and foggy textures around the minimal drum line. There’s no real sense of direction to any of the tracks here, but this aimlessness works for the music rather than against it, enhancing the record’s dreamlike tone and leaving the listener adrift in a foggy trance.

The EP’s highlight comes last; “All Is Not Lost”, the only beatless track, builds a hazy, eerie atmosphere out of vaguely New Age flutes and chopped vocals ran through an endless delay, suggesting that Hodge’s talent for crafting surreal, distinctive soundscapes may benefit from the lack of a percussive structure to conform to. More austere and less abrasive than his previous work, Beneath Two Moons is an intriguing step in a new direction for this unique producer.

Beneath Two Moons is out now on Berceuse Heroique. Buy it here. 

Words: Matt Mullen

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