Rebekah’s ten industrial techno tracks of her Birmingham roots

With recent releases on Sonic Groove, and Soma Records, Rebekah continues her release legacy on Mord with a full length 9 track EP entitled My Heart Bleeds Black.

Having started her Rinse FM residency, landed a Radio 1 Essential Mix and birthed her own label Elements, she is seemingly unstoppable in her journey to becoming a techno legend of her time.

Drawing on influences such as Dave Clarke, Derrick Carter and Billy Nasty, Rebekah’s roots in Birmingham and Berlin inevitably shepherded her in the direction of industrial techno. Here, she runs through 10 heavy tracks which are in line with her heritage…

“Its really hard for me to understand Industrial techno, I believed it was techno that was leaning towards metallic sounds and possible noises from factories and what the sound track to an industrial type city would be, i.e. the Birmingham sound.

Then I researched Industrial and discovered what that actually was, which was really early electronic music and the explorations of the pioneers that paved the way, using a lot of tape delay, field recordings and early synthesisers, Industrial was what influenced the Birmingham producers and with their music has influenced techno producers the world over.

So…how does this translate to what we now coin as Industrial techno? are we confusing the sound now with EBM? Or is it just a term given to the harder side of techno? Am I even qualified to make a choice? With all of this in mind I will present to you ten tracks which define Industrial to me with Birmingham in mind.”

1. BMB – Fist

18 years on and this possibly could be classified as the blueprint to industrial techno.

2. Neil landstrumm – Missing You (Ansome mix)

So many Ansome tracks to choose from but this has never really left my set. His newer stuff is increasingly getting more gnarly.

3. Makaton – Neglect

Tommy Four Seven introduced me to this track on my first visit to Berlin, I think it is so unique it will never date.

4. Regis – Adolescence

Classic Regis from my favourite period of his and the year I first discovered techno, in my errrr adolescence…

5. Fret – Silent Neighbour

Mick Harris’s new ep on LIES delivers the goods.

Forthcoming on LIES, released April 9th.

6. Blawan – Tuesdays march

Early Blawan and despite being from Sheffield, the Birmingham force is strong in this one.

7. These Hidden Hands – SZ31X71

Possibly more experimental than techno but the menacing brutality of this balanced with something more ethereal is totally absorbing.

8. James Ruskin  – Take Control (Surgeon remix)

Surgeon is probably the grandaddy of this sound, its only when you have played 4/4 for some time that you can really appreciate the sound and what he has down to create another dimension within the genre.

9. Alex Handley – The Knock Down (round 3)

Walking in to a House of God and hearing what I would describe as “nails down a chalk board” music and this one takes me back to that place in time.

10. JK Flesh – Kontorded

Another Birmingham artist creating music using live instruments and distortion. Placing it in true form of industrial.

Rebekah’s My Heart Bleeds Black EP is out on Mord on April 13.

Pre-order it here.

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