Re-Issues Of The Month: November

We’ve rounded up the month’s best vinyl re-presses, just in time for Christmas shopping…

Whether you want to treat someone close, or fancy adding something new to your own record bag – have a look at some of the fine re-issues listed below – from 60s Jazz, to Dub-Disco and Latin Fusion. Cheaper and cleaner editions than elusive originals, new formats for old gems or just classics worthy of a new home, here is our final re-press round-up before the new year.

Sandra De Sá – ‘Negra Flor’

Crate digger Junior Santos has put together the great new compilation ‘Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds’, a collection of ‘little known, hard-to-find and downright essential Brazilian Disco and Boogie’ from 1978-1982. ‘Negra Flor’ is one of the many highlights: originally released on Sandra De Sá’s self-titled ’82 LP.

Tito Puente – ‘Black Brothers’

Originally released on Tito Puente & And His Concert Orchestra’s 1976 self-titled album, ‘Black Brothers’ has now been re-pressed on 7” for the first time. The track is 4 minutes of hard Latin-Funk fusion, packed with dancefloor friendly percussion breaks, groovy solo sections and of course, huge brass lines.

Mad Unity – ‘Funky Tramway’

The new compilation ‘Funky Chicken’ released last month is a journey into Belgium’s musical grooves from the 70s. The CD version features a mammoth track list of almost 30 tunes and touches upon various strands of Funk, Latin, Soul, Psychedelia and more. Alongside the official vinyl release is a series of 7” samplers, the seventh of which features Mad Unity’s epic jam ‘Funky Tramway’ – the title track of their 1975 LP.

Carolyn Franklyn – ‘Deal With It’

Soul Brothers have picked two tracks from Carolyn Franklin’s 1976 album ‘If You Want Me’, and presented them on a new 7”. Whereas ‘Sunshine Holiday’ on the A-side sits a little softer under romantic strings, ‘Deal With It’ is Funk gold of the highest calibre from Aretha’s lil’ sis.

The JB’s – ‘These Are The JB’s’

This one might not technically count as a re-issue, as the original record never made it beyond a King Records test-press back in 1970. But it deserves a mention as we’ve been excited about it ever since we first posted it a few months ago. The recordings were of myth-like status but now, after over forty years, the session’s results are available.

Eddie Bo – ‘Hook & Sling’

Essential Funk classic from 1969, re-issued by Funky Delicacies. The breaks have been sampled to death, but that’s hardly surprising when you hear the drums break-off. An original template jam…

Charlie – ‘Spacer Woman’

An Italo-Disco classic from 1983 has been re-released by Dark Entries Editions, continuing their re-press crusade. Personally, it’s the b-side dub that’s the weapon here – dreamy synths over a static drum machine, though the vocals do add plenty of charm on the flip.

Tapper Zukie – ‘Visions Of Love’

Fine Dub-Disco from Jamaican-in-London Tapper Zukie, who was responsible for a bunch of killer but super rare tracks in the late 70s/early 80s. ‘Visions Of Love’ sits weighted with infectious groove, which the dub side ‘Love Dream’ exaggerates with further power.

Marco Di Marco – ‘Par Avion’

The wonderful Mukatsuku released ‘Two Sides Of Club Jazz’ presented by Nik Weston last month. The a-side features ‘Par Avion’, taken from Marco Di Marco’s 1973 album ‘At The Living Room’. The elusive original LP was repressed about ten years ago, but this is the first time the track has been released on 7” – joined with Japanese Jazz Collective’s ‘Velvet’ on the flip.

Krzysztof Komeda – ‘Typish Jazz’

Some more Jazz to finish the list. A new release ‘Krzysztof Komeda: Rare Jazz and Film Music’ celebrates some of Komeda’s classic work for Polanski’s ‘Knife In The Water’ from the early 60s alongside some other rare recordings. Spot ‘the lick’ early on…

Jonathan Kambskarð-Bennett

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