Primitive Trust: Records they’d love to own but can’t really afford

Primitive Trust is the coming together of Aus Music boss Will Saul and music producer/fashion designer Tom Mangan, aka Tee Mango. After reconnecting at a festival in Morocco and realising they both lived in Somerset, the opportunity of a studio collaboration became a necessity.

Having recorded enough material to release music across three EPs, the concept behind Primitive Trust was to embrace ‘randomness’ and commit to trusting their instincts by using the only gear available to them. Taking their experience and the building blocks of house and classic techno, the result is a selection of productions that spark as much zoned out romance as dancefloor heat.

Having debuted the Power On EP in July, Primitive Trust ready up Fallen Down, their second release under the moniker which sees three tracks of glowful house and a remix from Shanti Celeste.

Ahead of the project, we invited Will and Tom to share some of the records they both love but have never been able to get hold of, selecting a handful of house and disco rarities and discogs gold.

1. Logg – ‘Dancing Into The Stars/You’ve Got That Feeling’ – Salsoul

In general a highly sought after/sampled disco artist that MCDE opened up to a a wider audience a while back, guaranteed party starter. His original vinyl releases are all a pretty decent price on discogs but the original 12” promo on Salsoul in mint condition is pricey – 100 quid minimum…

2. Skatebard – Ta-Ta Arr – Sextags Mania

Everything that Sextags Mania touch seems to turn to discogs gold, mostly because it’s all really really good and vinyl only. This is one of Skatebard’s earlier Sextags releases and seems to be his most pricy on discogs. We’ve just had the pleasure of him remixing ‘Power On’ the A side to our first Primitive Trust EP, and a very lovely remix it is.

3. Drexciya – Uncharted EP

You can’t have a feature on records you’d like to own but can’t really afford (as you have three kids and a mortgage and your wife would have your testicles if she found out) without including something from UR and or Drexcyia. This one is definitely the rarest and you will struggle to find it for less than £400 in good condition. It’s edge and futuristic (still) and literally sounds like the soundtrack to a submarine ride into the murky depths. It’s not my favourite Drexcyia record (which is ‘Andreaen Sand Dunes’) but it seems to be the most valuable from my digging about and I would like to have this in my sweaty palms…

4. Moodymann – Silentintroduction LP (Signed by Moodymnan)

This mint/signed copy is on discogs for 300 quid. It’s 20 years old now and still absolute gold. One of the all time greats and Will has had the pleasure of working with him on his DJ Kicks (which was his first ever commercially released mix CD) and has met him a few times. He’s a total gent.

5. Derek Carr – Warm Machines EP

Only a few months old but already rare as Hens teeth and 80 euros on Discogs…..classy, melodic tackle that nods to Detroit. Would love to have this in our collection. Shows that it’s not just the old stuff that quickly becomes incredibly pricey…

6. Channel 83 – Tonight

Absolute arch belter from what doesn’t seem like that long ago courtesy of the ever lovely Disco Bloodbath crew. Now 8 years old, still sounding great and rarer than thumbs on cats.

7. Pasteur Lappe – Na Real Sekele Fo’ Ya

This is stone cold french afro beat goodness. Recently made slightly more dancefloor friendly by the Orange edits dudes out of Dublin, this is a beaut.

8. House Master Baldwin, featuring Paris Grey – Don’t Lead Me

Housemaster Terry Baldwin to be more precise, and the vocal delights on the Shanna Jackson aka Paris Grey, this record came out around the same time Inner City exploded, and you can here similarities in the vocal styles. There’s a heap of mixes to choose from. Prosumer favourite Medusa mix, or the ever useful drumapella.

9. Bluemoon Productions – Track Show (Volume One)

Bluejean aka Gene Hughes (RIP). found this on a youtube dig a few years ago and then read an excellent House Hunting pieceon this producer, my fav track here is H. Super stripped back ‘day-after-the-night-before-House-music’.

Primitive Trust’s Fallen Down EP is out September 1 on Aus Music. Pre-order it here
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