Planetary Notions: 10 cuts defining Cosmic Boogie

Planetary Notions is the vinyl-only imprint and event concept brand, coming straight out of the depths of London. The label is one which is dedicated to both the selectors and the audience, who immerse themselves in the dance floor culture and the cosmic realms of house and techno.

After releases from Joe Rolét, Stellar Wind and DSC, the latest output comes from the hypnotic Lopaski and Stevn.aint.leavn. With a new dose of electric uniqueness, PNOTIONS004 is a euphoric and utopian tale of sound in an electronic form and transcends the ever impressive output of Planetary Notions.

The space adventurers have also taken their concepts into locations suited for the label’s ideology and will be holding their next party at London’s Bar-A-Bar on December 1.

With continuous support from the likes of Craig Richards, John Dimas and Midland, the label is slowly becoming a staple of London’s extraterrestrial scene. Due to the hype, we requested the crew supply a few tracks that define the sound of cosmic boogie, with cuts from Zenker Brothers, Julian Perez and many more.

1. Julian Perez – Unusual Sense

An absolute power play courtesy Julian Perez the head honcho of one of our go to labels Fathers & Sons. ‘Unusual Sense’ is a track that ticks all the boxes: rolling high hats, consistent low end, continues groove tipped off with intricate space like tones. A recipe for 10 out of 10 business.

2. Bluetrain – Where’s Burt? / Reconstructed By Thor

Dubbed out techno at its finest released on one of our favourite labels around.

3. Oshana – Heavenly Funk

Collectively we’re huge fans of Oshana and this one’s absolutely flawless. From track name and progression of the track to the blissful tones throughout, the atmosphere at the core of ‘Heavenly Funk’ leaves you completely lost in space.

4. Timofti – Blue Effect

The marble sounding bassline in this minimal roller is a perfect fit for the low ceilings of BAR A BAR, the venue that we’ve called home since 2013.

5. Zendid – George87

For us George87 is a track full of colour. Its soft and smooth intro inspires visions a mystic blue before its UKG inspired bassline combines a warm vibrant orange reminiscent of something you’d expect to see whilst watching the Northern Lights. Cosmic in every sense of the word!

6. Joe Rolét – Pace Trader

A track built back in 2013 with BAR A BAR in mind an exploring the darker realms of cosmic boogie. This one fits the room like a glove when rolled through the D&B soundsytem – a Planetary Notions classic.

7. HOSTOM003 – B

Yoyaku is a brilliant record store, label, distributor and agency based in Paris. Their shrewd curation and eye for talent means their a musical goldmine. Their HOSTOM project is amazing and the B side to their 3rd release is spaced out journey music at its finest.

8. Enzo Siragusa – As We Are (Seb Zito Remix)

The worlds of Enzo Siragusa and Seb Zito collide to full effect on this London classic that insists on you getting down to the groove.

9. Zenker Brothers – Davin

A harder cut of percussive tribal bliss weaved into a moody soundscape reminiscent late 80s SCI:FI classic.

10. Parallel 9 – Dominus

A track extremely close to our hearts. Steve Rachmad’s work under his Parallel 9 moniker will always play an integral role in our vision of Planetary Notions. First time we discovered this track within Parallel 9 mix on soundcloud it fuled hours of conversation about the progression of our sound and ideal structure for a Planetary Notions A side. The tracks progression and energy is incredible and it’s a timeless record that propels you to space every single time.

PNOTIONS004 is forthcoming on Planetary Notions. More info here

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